GTA Online: 5 Highest Paying Contact Missions

How to activate Contact Missions | Image Courtesy:
How to activate Contact Missions | Image Courtesy:
Danyal Arabi
Modified 23 Oct 2020

The phrase 'time is money' has never been more appropriate than making money in GTA Online. There are many ways of making money in GTA Online through heists, races, or even adversary mode events.

But, if you're looking to make a quick buck solo or with a couple of pals without spending hours into the game, contact missions will be your go-to option.

What are 'Contact Missions,' and which one should you play?

Contact missions are missions offered to you by an in-game contact, such as Martin Madrazo, Lester, or any other NPC. In terms of pay, contact missions don't vary much. They vary in terms of ease and how many you can complete within an hour. Some contact missions are way more profitable than others.

Contact Mission Profit Chart | Image Credits: u/bleeps__ on reddit
Contact Mission Profit Chart | Image Credits: u/bleeps__ on reddit

1. Blow Up

Image Credits: pfisheryoutube
Image Credits: pfisheryoutube

This is probably the easiest contact mission of all time. Blow Up is a mission offered by Simeon that unlocks at level 12. All you have to do is drive (or get your Oppressor MK II out) to destroy all the cars in the specified manner. You can lose the cops if they manage to get them after you.

Pro Tip: Drive all the marked cars close to each other and throw a Nade in the middle to prevent losing money on multiple sticky bombs and for a lesser chance of attracting the cops.

2. Dispatch Missions

Unlocking right off the bat at level 1, dispatch missions let you assassinate targets dictated by Martin Madrazo, and all you have to do after that is escape.

Pro Tip: A Deluxo or Oppressor is recommended for this mission to reduce the turnaround time before you begin your next contact mission.

3. Simeonomics

This contact mission from Simeon is very conducive to grind for money, especially on double xp and money weeks. Unlocking at level 1, this mission involves stealing cars from the airport and delivering them to Simeon's dealership.

Pro tip: The amount of cars scale as per the number of teammates you have. One teammate is recommended as the minimum quantity of cars is two. Also, calling Lester is possible in this mission, so ring him for losing the cops instantly and getting back on the grind.

4. Flood In The LS River

Gerald offers you this contact mission at level 6. The premise is simple, reach the LS river, take out the gangsters, steal the stash, and deliver it to Gerald's apartment.

Pro tip: This mission is very solo-friendly. Doing it on hard mode is recommended for the highest payout.

5. The Los Santos Connection

This one's a little less solo-friendly than the other contact missions mentioned on the list. The Los Santos Connection is offered to you at level 40 by Martin Madrazo and involves a lot of combat and travel to pick up a package that needs to be delivered to him. The most lucrative part of this mission is that it pays higher than others, owing around 8000$ as pickups.

Pro tip: An armored Kuruma is recommended to get targets on the run.

Published 22 Oct 2020
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