Guide to Elise jungle in League of Legends season 13

Elise is one of the most dominant high-elo jungle champion (Image via Riot Games)
Elise is one of the most dominant high-elo jungle champion (Image via Riot Games)

Elise is a champion in League of Legends who fluctuates in the game meta since she is one of the most difficult jungle champions to learn.

Elise is undoubtedly one of the most aggressive champions present in the jungle as she is a fierce and nimble jungler who specializes in dispatching opposing champions with rapid and lethal attacks. Her playstyle is centered upon her unique ability to morph between human and spider forms, which dramatically improves her powers and stats.

She is also one of League of Legends' most interesting and adaptable champions due to her ability to shift into a spider form. Elise is a strong mage with a variety of skills that allow her to influence the game and disrupt her foes in her human form. In her spider form, she transforms into a vicious melee combatant capable of chasing down adversaries and frightening the opposing side.


The champion is notable in high elo since only talented and veteran players can completely master her due to her high skill ceiling. She doesn't fare well at lower elos because her kit is mostly suited to experienced League of Legends players.

Elise has been prominent in the current League of Legends meta since her presence in high elo and professional play is very evident. She is able to pressure the map constantly and be a massive threat, which is one of the main reasons why the champion is played so often there.

With that in mind, this article will serve as a detailed guide for Elise jungle in League of Legends season 13.

Runes, itemization, and gameplay guide for Elise jungle in League of Legends season 13


Elise, with her distinctive kit, strong abilities, and fearsome design, epitomizes the essence of League of Legends. While she is a lot of fun to play, it is better not to queue up on ranked with her until one has a lot of experience.



Elise is a champion who prefers to utilize the Dark Harvest rune configuration when it comes to her runes. She is able to control the jungle to the best of her abilities with Domination as her primary rune and Precision as her secondary, since this configuration is likely her finest pair of runes as of now, in League of Legends season 13.

With Elise's abilities already allowing her to burst down her League of Legends opponents, Dark Harvest is a good fit for her playstyle because its damage is permanently enhanced by five when targeting an enemy champion with less than 50% health.

Furthermore, the Domination rune tree grants additional access to Cheap Shot, which does extra true damage while attacking an opponent champion with impaired movement.

It works nicely with her kit because her E (Cocoon) ability in human form stuns the opponent. Additionally, having access to Eyeball Collection, coupled with Treasure Hunter, is beneficial for stacking additional damage on her and snowballing in League of Legends.


The Precision rune tree, on the other hand, as the secondary rune, grants access to Triumph, which is highly useful in clutch team fights owing to the 10% health restoration in every takedown. Furthermore, Coup de Grace assists Elise in doing more damage to the adversary, allowing her to burst her League of Legends foes rapidly.

Elise Dark Harvest rune setup (Image via Riot Client)
Elise Dark Harvest rune setup (Image via Riot Client)

Primary Rune (Domination)

Dark Harvest - Cheap Shot - Eyeball Collection - Treasure Hunter

Secondary Rune (Precision)

Triumph - Coup de Grace

Itemization and Jungle Pet


Elise's itemization is mostly centered on snowballing as much as possible. This is because she is an early-mid-game League of Legends champion who does not scale well.

Elise is one of the key champions who profits from an early purchase of Dark Seal since her snowballing playstyle complements the item excellently. This is followed by her two most important items, Night Harvester and Shadowflame, which allow her to blast down her opponents.

The remainder of the build is determined by the match state and opponent team composition, although it is mostly centered on AP items like Zhonya's Hourglass, Deathcap, and Void Staff.

  • Sorcerer's Shoes
  • Night Harvester (Core Mythic Item)
  • Shadowflame (Core Legendary Item)
  • Zhonya's Hourglass
  • Deathcap
  • Void Staff

Jungle Pet


Elise benefits the most from the two smite options, which are the red smite (Scorchclaw Pup) and the blue smite (Gustwalker Hatchling). Both are ideal for Elise and may be acquired based on the opposition team composition.

Scorchclaw Pup is a better pick when there is a lot of skirmishing and dueling, as this smite will periodically imbue the next devastating effect to slow and damage opponent champions.

Gustwalker Hatchling, on the other hand, is more suited when the opposition team consists of mobile champions, as this smite gives additional movement speed.



Elise's Q (Neural Theft) is a strong spell that causes magical damage to an adversary while healing her dependent on the amount of damage delivered. Her W (Volatile Spiderling) ability spawns a spiderling that delivers damage to an adversary, while her E (Cocoon) ability is a ranged stun that may be utilized to disrupt an enemy's abilities and set up kills for her team.

Elise obtains access to a completely new set of powers when she changes into her spider form. Her Q (Venomous Bite) ability is a devastating melee strike that causes physical damage while also poisoning the enemy, slowing them down, and delivering damage over time.

Elise's W (Skittering Frenzy) is an active ability that boosts her attack and mobility speed, making her a dangerous threat in the early-mid game.

Elise's E (Rappel) ability allows her to target a place and then fly to it, making her one of the few League of Legends champions in the game with the capacity to traverse otherwise impenetrable terrain.


One of Elise's key combinations is to start in human form and land her E (Cocoon) ability and W (Volatile Spiderling) ability before switching to spider form. This is followed by approaching the adversary in melee range and executing her W (Skirting Frenzy) and Q (Venomous Bite).

Because Elise is one of the finest ganking champions, the theoretical jungle route for level three is Blue Buff-Gromp-Red Buff or Red Buff-Gromp-Blue Buff.

It is best to recognize the game's win-con and path towards the lane while ganking.


If ganking the lanes isn't an option, the best alternative is to invade the enemy jungle and try to kill them, as Elise is one of the greatest early-mid-game junglers in League of Legends.

As Elise, it is critical to maintain the game's tempo by always serving as a huge danger to the opposing champions by invading, ganking, and even tower diving when feasible.

Despite her one-of-a-kind kit, Elise is not a champion for the faint of heart. To be successful, she demands perfect timing and mastery of her abilities, and her high skill ceiling implies that League of Legends players may constantly improve.

Elise, on the other hand, can also be a game-changer when played correctly, upsetting the opposing team with her control abilities and taking out important League of Legends targets with her burst damage. Making her the ultimate 'JGL DIFF' champion.

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