How to download GTA Chinatown Wars on Android

(image credits: hipwallpaper)
(image credits: hipwallpaper)
Rahul Bhushan

GTA Chinatown Wars might just be one of the most underrated titles in the GTA franchise if there ever was one. The game has been optimized for handheld consoles like the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation Portable, thus making it the perfect port for Android devices.

GTA Chinatown Wars took the series back to its roots in terms of perspective and control but also introduced advanced gameplay systems and mechanics. The game had the unique gameplay system of drug trading, where the player as the protagonist has the option to deal drugs to make some extra cash.

This mini-game is one of the many reasons why GTA Chinatown Wars is remembered so fondly by fans of the GTA franchise. The game also has a surprising amount of depth in the storyline as well.

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How to download GTA Chinatown Wars on Android


The game is a much smaller and contained affair than the rest of the GTA franchise due to it being developed specifically for handheld consoles. GTA Chinatown Wars is one of the most underrated titles in the series and deserves more attention.

As the game had been developed from the ground up for handheld platforms, it works exceptionally well on smartphone devices. While there are plenty of GTA games on the Android platform, Chinatown Wars offers an experience far more refined than others.

While other games are far more technologically advanced and also are much more significant in terms of scope, Chinatown Wars is one that can provide the most amount of enjoyment.

The game is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices and is a reasonable purchase. GTA Chinatown Wars is an exceptional Android game and the perfect gaming experience while on the move.

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