How to get free 4-star character Yuanwu in Wuthering Waves

free 4-star character Yuanwu in Wuthering Waves.
Grab a free Yuanwu in Wuthering Waves (Image via Kuro Games)

To get free 4-star character Yuanwu in Wuthering Waves before he appears in Yinlin's rate-up banner, you need to complete the Tower of Adversity "Stable Zone". Apart from the starter characters, Wuthering Waves allows players to obtain a few more 4-star characters for free and Yuanwu is one of them. He is a 4-star Electro character who uses gauntlet-type weapons.

Yuanwu is a Hybrid unit specializing in coordinated attacks and reducing vibration strength. Players can utilize this unique gimmick to consistently deplete enemies' stagger meter and deal damage when they're down.

This article will discuss how players can obtain Yuanwu for free in Wuthering Waves.

How to get a free Yuanwu from Tower of Adversity in Wuthering Waves

Yuanmu in Event Page (Image via Kuro Games)
Yuanmu in Event Page (Image via Kuro Games)

With the global launch of Wuthering Waves, Kuro Games has released events where you can obtain a free copy of Yuanwu. This 4-star Electro character with a unique kit revolves around reducing the enemy's vibration strength (stagger meter) quickly.

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As you may know, many enemies in Wuthering Waves move around a lot in between and during their attacks. With a character who can consistently reduce their vibration state, you can trigger a downed state multiple times and have an easier time dealing damage to the enemies. Complete the Stable Zone in Tower of Adversity to obtain such a useful resonator.

Stable Zone: Resonant Tower (Image via Kuro Games)
Stable Zone: Resonant Tower (Image via Kuro Games)

To unlock Tower of Adversity, unlock Union Level 15 and complete the tutorial quest, Alone in the Abyss. It is one of the endgame modes where you must defeat a group of enemies as soon as possible. Depending on how long it took you to complete the stages, you receive zero to three crests; the more crests you can earn, the better the rewards.

Essentially, this mode is the Wuthering Waves version of Spiral Abyss from Genshin Impact or Memory of Chaos from Honkai: Star Rail. This endgame mode is divided into three zones:

  • Stable Zone
  • Experimental Zone
  • Hazardous Zone

This article will only focus on the Stable Zone, consisting of four stages.

Recommended DPS units to clear Stable Zone (Image via Kuro Games)
Recommended DPS units to clear Stable Zone (Image via Kuro Games)

Here's a list of recommended characters you can use to clear the Stable Zone quickly:

Main DPS

  • Calcharo
  • Dajin
  • Encore
  • Jiyan
  • Rover

Sub-DPS/ Battery

  • Jianxin
  • Mortefi
  • Sanhua
  • Yangyang


  • Verina
  • Baizhi

Each stage will have its different enemies and interference (stage buffs) and must be completed within 150 seconds to acquire three crests. Notably, it is not necessary to obtain crests, simply complete all four stages of Stable Zone to obtain Yuanmu from the event page.

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