How does your main Legend in Apex Legends define your play style?

Apex Legends players and their main characters (Image via EA)
Apex Legends players and their main characters (Image via Electronic Arts)

Apex Legends features a diverse set of characters (26) that can be picked for every match. The Legends are categorized into Assault, Skirmisher, Recon, Support, and Controller. Each has unique powers that enable players to carry out different roles in a team. This is why you can easily determine someone's playstyle depending on the character they pick in Electronic Arts’ battle royale title.

This article will highlight what your Apex Legends main character says about you.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the author. The descriptions are general and do not describe every individual.

What does your Apex Legends main say about you?

Pathfinder showcased inside Legend Locker (Image via Electronic Arts)
Pathfinder showcased inside Legend Locker (Image via Electronic Arts)

Here's a list of all the Legends in Apex Legends and a brief description of the players who like to main them:

  • Ash: This character is primarily picked by those who wish to gather enemy positions to hunt them down without sacrificing the ability to quickly rotate and secure advantageous positions.
  • Ballistic: This fairly new Legend is most useful in gunfight scenarios as you can activate your ultimate to avoid depleting ammo. These players are conservative fighters who will wait for their abilities to refresh before every skirmish.
  • Bangalore: All Bangalore players enjoy the passive movement speed and the ability to block lines of sight. If you play this character, you likely want the final zone to be in an open area so you can score kills with the ultimate.

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  • Fuse: Fuse players are chaotic and simply wish for no one to be at peace or behind any cover. They will spam all of their utility and abilities to make enemy squads waste their resources from miles away.
  • Mad Maggie: This eccentric pick is for Fuse-like players but with a thirst for team fights. You enjoy the knockbacks on enemy players from the ultimate more than taking first place in the lobby.
  • Alter: You like a challenge, and the game being difficult is not enough. If you pick Alter, you want to keep an opportunity to retreat open while being able to initiate team fights by experimenting with the signature ability.
  • Horizon: Your only goal is to win and fight the teams trying to take any form of high-ground position. You are strategic while taking most gunfights and since your mobility is restricted to one direction.
  • Octane: Octane players enjoy the rush and movement perks that come alongside his abilities. Everyone who picks this character is either mechanically blessed or simply wants to enjoy the game while pushing every team in sight.

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Fuse in Apex Legends (Image via Electronic Arts)
Fuse in Apex Legends (Image via Electronic Arts)
  • Pathfinder: This is a difficult character to play as the abilities are quite straightforward and need on-the-go thinking to make the most of it. Path players rely on their map sense to attack, retreat, and even reposition for the best possible outcome.
  • Revenant: These players thrive in gunfights and want to leap onto every possible team. The ultimate ability boosts their confidence alongside the ability to climb almost all heights, be it a building or a rock.
  • Valkyrie: Although this character has fallen off from the meta, the ones who still main this are usually those who enjoy having control over their aerial movement (unlike Horizon). These players are also extremely keen on using their ultimate to hunt down teams or rotate first to the zone.
  • Wraith: You have probably played this game since its inception and developed a bond with the classics. Wraith players are similar to Horizons and want to win every match possible but will phase out to safety as soon as a member gets knocked down.
  • Bloodhound: You're a team player who may be heavily influenced by ALGS pros like ImperialHal and Genburten and call first dibs on Havocs. These players love pairing up with Bangalore to abuse the smoke and ultimate combo for easy kills across the map.

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Crypto in Apex Legends (Image via Electronic Arts)
Crypto in Apex Legends (Image via Electronic Arts)
  • Crypto: Crypto players are methodical and love scouting for the team. These are also the same players who save up their ultimate ability to farm EVO points to level up the shield. They will not take a fight unless almost all positional information is available and avoid risks.
  • Seer: This legend fell off the radar and there are only two types of players for this category: super-aggressive teams or completely reserved ones who will only take part in third parties. You likely waste a lot of time trying to place your ultimate in a place where the enemy cannot break it to remove your advantage.
  • Vantage: You love sniping but also want an indicator of where your bullet is going to hit. You want to remain as mobile as possible to not get flanked and prey on distant teams trying to fight.
  • Catalyst: These players understand the importance of having a fortified house in the zone. You likely hate changing positions after spending a good chunk of time covering all the doors and windows with your abilities.
  • Caustic: You enjoy trapping enemies and cramped spaces to toss your barrels and smoke out anyone hiding in corners. You hold out on using your ultimate for the final zones in hopes of scoring a solo squad wipe.

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  • Rampart: You hate playing without cover and are biased about shooting only through your walls to output the most damage. You dream of shredding down teams with your mobile minigun to score at least 2000 damage every match.
  • Wattson: You hate grenades and panic whenever your ultimate ability is shot and destroyed. These players are mostly conservative and prefer rotating to the zone early to create dungeons or electric fences.
  • Conduit: Conduit players are chaotic and believe they are almost invincible. They forget to recharge their shields and get knocked by a third team. However, Conduits are usually good team players who understand the pace of almost any team fight.
  • Gibraltar: You love playing shotguns with your dome shield and shine brightest in finals zones in the open field. These players detest Mad Maggie picks as poke and shatter the dome with ease.
  • Lifeline: This character is one of the most useful picks for a team and these players understand their only role is to tap revive the other two. They also play the role of a pocket healer, providing the team with MedKits and Batteries.

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Newcastle in Apex Legends (Image via Electronic Arts)
Newcastle in Apex Legends (Image via Electronic Arts)
  • Loba: You have never played with an un-kitted weapon. Loba players will not take a fight without the perfect optic and extended magazines. However, having a Loba is great for end zones when all remaining squads run low on resources.
  • Mirage: This is a funny pick, and you probably love confusing your opponents at every possible opportunity. Mirage is a one-of-a-kind Apex Legends character who can create duplicates of himself. You panic whenever enemies shoot you in between all your clones.
  • Newcastle: This legend rose to the top in the Three Strikes mode. You love pushing behind a moveable shield and reviving allies while dragging them. These players will ask for the best knockdown shield you can find even before landing on any map.

That concludes the description of all the players depending on their main character in Apex Legends. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more updates, news, and guides.

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