How much money has the GTA franchise approximately made to date?

(image credits: gta4net)
(image credits: gta4net)
Rahul Bhushan

GTA, a brand-name that is synonymous with excellence in the gaming industry, has demolished sales records and achieved many great feats. The franchise has largely been a single-player experience until GTA Online, which catapulted the series onto new heights financially.

Rockstar Games have been able to garner quite the reputation, being one of the most accomplished AAA publishers in the gaming industry. Their efforts to deliver fulfilling AAA games- that are worth every penny of their $60 price tag- has made them an extremely popular company.

The sales are reflective of the sort of reputation that the GTA franchise has been able to achieve. The games continue to sell, which is a testament to just how popular the GTA franchise is, even in 2020.

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The approximate amount of money the GTA franchise has made to date

According to various credible sources, as of 2019, the GTA franchise has approximately made over $9.986 billion since its inception in 1997. The number may have very well increased in 2020, with the franchise possibly even grossing upwards of $10 billion worldwide.


  • 1997โ€“2009 โ€“ย $3.368 billion (source)
  • 2012โ€“2018 โ€“ย $6.023 billion (source)
  • 2019 โ€“ย $595 million (source)

The GTA franchise has been able to achieve such staggering sales by putting out not just one but several massive games that have been successful.

GTA 5 is considered one of the best-selling properties in all of entertainment, and GTA San Andreas is the highest-selling video game on the PS2. This cements the fact that audiences appreciate a well-made AAA game that offers a lot of value.

While the franchise has also courted a number of controversies over the years and even irked its own fanbase, it has remained at the very pinnacle of modern AAA gaming.

Fans can expect the sales numbers to go up even further once GTA 5 is re-released on next-gen consoles, along with GTA Online being a standalone title.

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