GTA Online: How to mute people in the game

(picture credits: JoblessGarett, youtube)
(picture credits: JoblessGarett, youtube)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 05 Jul 2020

GTA Online is an online multiplayer experience like no other. While there are familiar match types and game modes that players have seen before, the game offers plenty of unique experiences.

However, much like every other online multiplayer game, GTA Online's lobbies can get taxing after a while. No online game is ever complete without a lobby that is crowded with loud, distracting or plain annoying players.

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Ever since the days of Halo and Xbox Live, online multiplayer lobbies have been the breeding ground for the most annoying people on the Internet.

But thankfully, GTA Online lets you mute other players. You can enjoy your game experience and not get it ruined by a loudmouth looking to get a rise out of you.

How to mute people in GTA Online?

(picture credits: nibelsnarf 11, youtube)
(picture credits: nibelsnarf 11, youtube)

To Mute other players in GTA Online, simply follow these steps:

  1. Bring up the Pause Menu.
  2. Navigate to "Online"
  3. Scroll down to and select "Players"
  4. Highlight the player you wish to Mute and select "Options"
  5. Select "Toggle Mute"

GTA Online allows for 30 players in a single multiplayer session, and sooner than later, it devolves into chaos. There's always bound to be players riding around in an Oppressor MKIII launching missiles into any player visible.

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Passive Mode will allow you to play out your Missions and Challenges without being unceremoniously obliterated by another player.

Muting other players will ensure you are not distracted by other players in the session looking to ruin your GTA Online experience.

Rockstar Games have truly hit it out of the park with GTA Online, improving upon the game with great content updates. The game, over the years, has stacked up enough content to attract new players, as well as retain older players.

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Published 05 Jul 2020
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