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Rainbow Six Siege Ranked 2.0 discussed with Live content director.
Rainbow Six Siege Ranked 2.0 discussed with Live Content Director (Image via Ubisoft)

Ranked 2.0 in Rainbow Six Siege has been the talk of the town since its release. Replacing the Ranked 1.0 system, it has brought about changes in its visual MMR shown to players, introduced a new rank (Emerald), got rid of the soft reset, and factored in a hidden skill rating. However, it has always been met with confused eyes from a majority of the player base due to its complex nature.

On June 4. 2024, Rainbow Six Siege Live Content Director Christopher Budgen sat down with TitaniumRolo to answer some of the top burning questions from the community to shed some light on Ranked 2.0 in Rainbow Six Siege.

This article will cover the interview and take a look at the questions the Rainbow Six Siege community had regarding this new ranked system.

Rainbow Six Siege Live Content Director answers most-asked questions regarding Ranked 2.0

Ranked 2.0 currently offers numerous rewards across each rank tier (Image via Ubisoft)
Ranked 2.0 currently offers numerous rewards across each rank tier (Image via Ubisoft)

On June 4, 2024, Rainbow Six Siege community's Easter Egg queen Titanium Rolo and Live Content Director Christopher Budgen sat down to discuss Ranked 2.0 and answer some of the top questions regarding this ranked system.

Although VODs for this live stream are currently unavailable, we will take a look at some of the questions and their abridged responses below, as found on the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter thread.

Why did you change Ranked 1.0?

Rainbow Six Siege is a team-based game and Christopher acknowledged that he and his team wanted to keep that at the center of the game. Therefore, they focused on making ranked playable with friends to keep the core of the team-based shooter intact.

This is why in Ranked 2.0, Christopher and his team changed Ranked 1.0 and made it possible for you to play with any of your friends regardless of your rank. This is was lacking from the previous Ranked 1.0 playlist.

It is unfair to play against players who are higher or lower ranks

With Ranked 1.0, Rainbow Six Siege had a soft reset between seasons which usually brought players to a skill rating they did not belong in. This resulted in low-quality matches and bad overall matchmaking during the initial days of the seasons.

In Ranked 2.0, Christopher and his team separated MMR into two parts: Rank and Skill. The latter is used to determine your matchmaking. This separation offers two significant benefits. The first is maintaining a high match quality by matchmaking you with players from your Skill rating. The Rank, on the other hand, is used to provide a sense of progression, along with rewards that provide a sense of achievement. Every season, the Skill value remains constant and does not reset.

Your Skill rating and what Rank you start at will determine how many Rank Points you win or lose with matches won or lost. This is why Diamonds and Champion players find themselves ranking up faster than Bronze players who get fewer rank points per win.

Why is my Skill, my MMR, hidden?

Christopher begins by stating that even though Skill is hidden, it changes regularly with every match won or lost. Furthermore, the fact that a player is either Solo, in a Stack of five players, or any combination in between, is also considered when updating the Skill value after a match. Solo Queue can reward players with more Skill upon winning due to the fact that it is harder to play Solo Queue.

The reason for hiding the Skill is that players can no longer play 10 matches to say they belong in a particular competitive rank, for example, Emerald. Instead, they have to play many, many more matches to prove they belong in that rank; this happens every season. Essentially, if you're Emerald, for example, in Ranked 2.0, it can be said that you have worked your way up the ladder to this rank, and not just played 10 placement matches.

Lastly, Christopher and his team are also working on adding additional information to Rainbow Six Siege, to show players why they belong in their particular rank. These include information like what opponents you have defeated, what you have done, and how you got that outcome.

Was Matchmaking more fair in Ranked 1.0?

Christopher has outright stated this is a myth since their data proves otherwise. In ranked 2.0, fewer matches are ending within four rounds, and more matches making it to Overtime. This supports the statement that the overall balancing of match quality is superior now compared to what it was in Ranked 1.0.

Will there be a Solo Queue added to Ranked?

Initially, Christopher and his team heard this suggestion from the Rainbow Six Siege community and took a closer look at Solo Queue for Ranked 2.0. They found out that moving Solo players out of Ranked 2.0 increases the matchmaking time significantly. It also drops the match quality drastically which the current Ranked 2.0 proudly showcases. This is why Solo queue for Ranked 2.0 is not on the horizon.

Does the amount of time I spend in the Ranked playlist matter more than my Skill?

Christopher stated that at the beginning of the season when you are Copper 5, players of different Skill each have their differences in the amount of Rank Points they gain. So essentially a Gold player will see a drastic drop in Rank points increase past Silver while a Diamond player will see a drastic drop in Rank points past Emerald.

So, continuing to spend more time in the Ranked playlist will eventually have you close to your hidden Skill rating, and the maximum that players can push past that is one rank division.

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