The best moveset for Swampert in Pokemon GO

With the right moves equipped, Swampert is a major threat in PvP battles in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
With the right moves equipped, Swampert is a major threat in PvP battles in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
Daniel Wenerowicz

Swampert is currently one of the best leads in the Pokemon GO Ultra League, with plenty of players using the Generation II starter because of its moveset.

With the right moves equipped, Swampert is a major threat in PvP battles. For almost every Pokemon in Pokemon GO, there is an optimal moveset for both an offensive set and a defensive set. The best moveset can be altered depending on the teams or gyms that a player goes up against. However, base movesets can be put together for the best results.

Swampert is a dual-type Water and Ground Pokemon, so the best moves that it has also reflect the typing. If players want to head towards a more offensive build, which is best for default scenarios and battles, then there is one go-to moveset.

On Swampert, players should use Mud Shot as the fast attack, which has 10 dps and 11.7 eps. As the charged attack, players should use Hydro Cannon, which has 56.8 dps and a -26.3 eps time.

The combo of Mud Shot and Hydro Cannon for Swamper is devastating and can charge incredibly fast. Charge-up times on the Hyrdo Cannon attack are one of the main reasons why Swampert is used as an elite lead in Ultra League. The catch, however, is that players will need an Elite TM to use Hydro Cannon if they don't already have it.

Other options for a Swampert moveset in Pokemon GO


Hydro Cannon on Swampert is optimal in Pokemon GO. However, for anyone who doesn't have that option, some changes can be made to the moveset. Mud Shot should always be equipped as the fast attack, though Water Gun isn't a bad option.

For the Swampert charged attack, Surf is a great second option that can serve a similar purpose as Hydro Cannon. Surf can actually charge up faster than Hydro Cannon, which is lightning quick compared to many other attacks in Pokemon GO. However, it falls flat in the damage department by a large margin.

If players are looking to make a defensive build in Pokemon GO, which would be used to place a Pokemon in a gym for PvE purposes, the options are virtually the same. The fast attack used won't be as important, but the optimal moveset for Swampert remains the same.

With Swampert as a lead and with the correct moveset, Ultra League wins will be more manageable as long as the rest of the team is decent.

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