Who is the best RW (right-winger) in FIFA 23?

These are the best RW players in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)
These are the best RW players in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)

With FIFA 23 being available to audiences around the globe, fans have spent some time familiarizing themselves with the meta of the game. The latest iteration of the iconic football simulation series is the most immersive and authentic in the history of the franchise, offering an experience unlike any of its predecessors.


Naturally, the in-game viability of certain players has also changed. The new AcceleRATE feature has increased the pool of players that are viable picks in FIFA 23. Footballers who were deemed unusable in previous editions of the series are now part of the in-game meta. However, this also means that the meta has shifted drastically, and certain players have lost their charm. Despite these variations, Lionel Messi has retained his crown as the best RW in the game.

Lionel Messi is the best RW in FIFA 23 despite the downgrade to his overall rating and pace

Lionel Messi had a rather underwhelming first season at PSG. Although he won multiple titles with the French giants, he was far from his usual best and fell victim to his own high standards. This led to the Argentine maestro receiving a significant nerf in his overall rating and stats in FIFA 23. Despite this downgrade, he is still one of the five highest-rated players in the game.

What are Lionel Messi's stats in FIFA 23?

Not only has Messi's overall rating received a downgrade, but his pace stat has been absolutely butchered as well. However, he still possesses impressive attributes in other aspects.

  • Pace: 81
  • Dribbling: 94
  • Shooting: 89
  • Defending: 34
  • Passing: 90
  • Physicality: 64

Messi is statistically the best dribbler in the game, along with being one of the best passers as well. He has four-star skill moves and a four-star weak foot.

How does Lionel Messi perform in-game?

Despite not adhering to the lengthy meta of FIFA 23, Lionel Messi is exceptional in-game. He does not possess the raw pace needed to beat defenders and get in behind the backline, but he has the technical abilities needed to take on any opposition and bamboozle them with his skill.


Messi is the best dribbler in the game, and the combination of his on-the-ball attributes and four-star skill moves allows him to weave past defenders before unleashing lethal shots that fly past the goalkeeper. His long shots (both finesses and trivela shots) are among the best in the game. His ability with set-pieces is remarkable as well, as he is capable of scoring and assisting from any range.

While his skills are best utilized in more central roles because of his visionary passing and precise shooting ability, he is still the best RW in the game.

Other noteworthy RW players in FIFA 23


There are not many meta options to choose from when it comes to the RW position. However, the likes of Mohammed Salah and Ousmane Dembele stand out with their impressive attributes. While Salah is highly rated and does justice to his stats with his in-game performance, Dembele plays far better than his stats suggest as he possesses the coveted combo of five-star skill moves and a five-star weak foot.

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