F1 Fantasy Tips

Formula 1 Fantasy Tips

Fantasy Formula One is a segment of the Fantasy Sports genre in which the users create a virtual team of 'real’ drivers and a' constructor'. The points are scored on the basis of how the chosen drivers perform in real F1 Grand Prix races. It is a platform for avid Formula One fans who use their skills and knowledge pertaining to Formula One to score maximum points and win.

Tip 1: Driver Performance

Choosing a F1 driver purely on the basis of reputation is regarded as a grave sin in all genres of Fantasy Sports. A good practice while choosing drivers and teams is to look at their performance in the previous Grand Prix in order to judge their consistency in Formula One 2018 season.

Tip 2: Constructor Performance

Another important aspect in Fantasy F1 is to make a wise choice in choosing the Constructor or the Formula One car. The Constructors score all points collected by their drivers, with the exception of those points collected in "driver only" scoring categories.

For constructors, the relevant driver totals are combined (excluding "beat teammate" bonuses and "driver's streak" bonuses). For example: Ferrari = Sebastian Vettel & Kimi Raikkonen scores.

A constructors performance in the previous Grand Prix and their performance at certain Grand Prix Circuits should be taken into account.

Tip 3: Return on Investment

Some drivers and teams are simply too overpriced and do not perform up to the standards of their bid. A good strategy here can be to focus on young and talented drivers in midfield teams apart from big names in order to have a balance in your team.

Tip 4: Bonus Points

Many of the fantasy Formula one platforms award bonus points for pole position,top 10 in F1 Qualifying, top 10 finish in a F1 Grand Prix, Streak Points- driver qualifies in Top 10 for 5 races in a row, both drivers qualify in Top 10 for 3 races in a row etc... Tracking drivers and teams who regularly finish in top 10 and have exceptional consistency when it comes to making it to Q3 or top 10 in a race can help in boosting the points.

Tip 5: Top Drivers and Constructors

Top F1 Drivers and Teams are the ones who take a pole during the Qualifying, start on top grid positions during a F1 Grand Prix. In the Main race these are the ones who consistently go for the win, podium and top 10 finishes in most occasions.

The performance of a particular driver or team in a certain Grand Prix and their performance from previous races should also be taken in account while making the F1 fantasy teams.

Tip 6: Choosing the Turbo Driver:

Most fantasy Formula One websites provide additional points for the Turbo drivers (usually 2x). This can be utilized effectively by choosing a driver who is consistent in Qualifying, the Race and also has a consistency when it comes to finishing races in top 5 or top 10 to get the streak points.

Tip 7: Effective Planning

Planning ahead and keeping a track of stats, technical updates, in season testing and lap times from the F1 Free practice sessions is a key factor for scoring points. Deciding the drivers and constructors should also be on the basis of the Grand Prix coming up ahead, whether they're going to be easy or rough for the chosen ones.

Tip 8: Trust your gut and enjoy

Do not be afraid to trust your gut and play a gamble because you need to play big if you're hoping to win big. Moreover, the most important tip is to enjoy and not get too worked up if the results do not come in your favor.

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