5 fastest response time monitors for gaming (2022)

The epitome of craftsmanship (Image via Alienware)
The epitome of craftsmanship (Image via Alienware)

During competitive gameplay, a fast response time is vital to secure a win. The notion that only skills matter in competitive gaming is flawed and outdated. Investing in a monitor that has a fast response time can prove to be highly rewarding for any gamer.

Moreover, a good monitor ensures that you see your PC performing at its maximum potential. There's no sense in building a top-of-the-line PC but getting the output displayed on an outdated monitor. What is response time in context of displays? It is nothing but the time it takes for a given pixel to change.

"Response describes the length of time a given monitor or panel needs to change the properties of each pixel. Since TFT LCDs consist of millions of pixels (or transistors), for example 8.3 million in a 4K monitor, speed is understandably of the essence. Response time tells us how long a monitor needs to turn a pixel from red to green, as an example." - BenQ

To help you choose a monitor that fits your needs, we've curated this list of five monitors that offer some of the best features.

5 fastest response time monitors you need to have a look at

1) Dell Alienware AW3423DW

The Alienware AW3423DW features industry’s fastest 0.1 ms Gray to Gray response time. This might be overkill for most gamers, but for competitive gaming, even a minor advantage can turn the tide in your favor. A 34" Quantum Dot OLED curved screen ensures stunning visual clarity.

The monitor also features a peak brightness of 1000 nits, ensuring that you can play comfortably in brightly lit spaces. The refresh rate stands at 175 Hz, which is plenty for esports and casual gaming.

Aesthetically, the monitor is a sight to behold with its 1800R panel and AlienFX lighting and will become a statement piece for any gamer. However, you should only invest in this monitor if your existing PC won’t become a bottleneck.

2) Samsung Odyssey G7

Samsung makes some of the best looking displays on the market. They've always looked visually stunning, but gaming-specific features have always been lacking. The Samsung Odyssey G7 is a model that counters this claim. Not only does it have great visuals but it also features top-of-the-line performance for gaming.

The 240 Hz refresh rate, coupled with 1ms response time makes it one of the most responsive monitors out there. The monitor is also a great purchase for casual gamers. They will certainly enjoy the immersive experience of the G7. This QLED display from Samsung has a breathtaking 1000R display curvature.

Also, if you like a hint of RGB in your peripherals, the G7 does not disappoint. The Infinity Core lightning on the monitor is a sight to behold and will surely enhance the visual integrity of your gaming setup.

3) ASUS ROG Swift PG259QNR

Asus ROG is a brand that is synonymous for catering to the needs of gamers. ROG Swift is a monitor that stands as a no-brainer purchase for almost any kind of gamer out there. The display features a whopping 360 Hz refresh rate with 1ms response time. It also has a crisp, colour-accurate panel based on IPS technology.

These panels are commonly present in displays intended for media consumption and content creation, and stray from performance-based monitors. Asus has somehow managed to incorporate an IPS panel with one of the lowest response times recorded in a gaming display.

The monitor also has support for NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer, which makes it possible to accurately measure system latency on the fly. The ROG brand has truly stuck to its name and delivered with the ROG Swift monitor.

4) Acer Predator XB252Q bmiprz

A great monitor for competitive gaming (Image via Acer)
A great monitor for competitive gaming (Image via Acer)

If there is a true competitor for the Asus ROG brand, it is the Predator lineup from Acer. The XB252Q is a well rounded monitor for your gaming needs. You get an industry grade response time of 1ms Gray-to-Gray. This is thanks to the highly optimised 240 Hz TN display panel.

The monitor is limited to Full HD resolution, which might be a con for many gamers. But it is essential to note that for the least possible input delay in competitive games, 1080p is anyways the preferred resolution. The monitor has outstanding viewing angles of 170 degrees horizontally and 160 degrees vertically.

One of the key features of the Predator XB252Q is its extremely sturdy stand. The stand features modularity that is only seen in much more expensive third-party monitor arms. If you value proper ergonomics while gaming, this monitor from Acer Predator is highly recommended.

5) Acer Nitro VG240YS


If you are in the market for a budget-oriented gaming monitor that also has great response time, the Acer Nitro VG240YS is certainly worth looking at. The value proposition with this specific monitor is truly surreal and hard to comprehend. Anyhow, it is a win for budget gamers.

You get a 0.5 ms response time that even outclasses the 1ms standard found in premium gaming-centric monitors. The response time also benefits from the integrated VBR technology that makes the visuals blur-free and smooth. Surprisingly, Acer has managed to fit in an IPS panel with a 165 Hz refresh rate capability which will make your gaming experience even better.

The Acer Nitro VG240YS is a solid option if you are just starting out with PC gaming and want to experience high refresh rates and low latency without the extreme cost.

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