5 most unique PlayStation 4 games that revolutionized gaming

Yharnam awaits (Image via PlayStation)
Yharnam awaits (Image via PlayStation)

PlayStation 4 is one of the most impressive consoles of all time. It changed the way that we game. It brought forth revolution in terms of graphical fidelity and games with incredible mechanics and story, and the console still retains its value even after the release of its successor, the PS5. It can be picked up for dirt cheap prices nowadays, and still has a fantastic library to enjoy.

The revolution associated with the PlayStation 4 is mostly to do with Sony’s focus on giving first-party studios freedom of creative direction. Throughout its entire life cycle, it has presented gamers with several titles that are still influential and have set standards for game development.

5 unique PlayStation 4 games that you should definitely experience

1) God of War

The God of War series has been one of Sony’s defining IP's since the PS2 era. The series is spread across PlayStation consoles with a total of 10 games. The series started off based on Greek mythology with the protagonist Kratos, who claimed his position as the God of War.

The 2018 reboot is the fourth iteration of the series and was released on the PlayStation 4. The game absolutely shook the single-player narrative scene across all platforms.

It follows the same focus on enriching players with exceptional stories and mythological narratives, but even better. Every part of the game, including the side missions and optional quests, seems to integrate prime storytelling, which is rare in games.

Another generation defining aspect of God of War is its integration of gameplay and RPG-like elements. The game features extensive and diverse gameplay mechanics. The combat is especially satisfying once you grasp the dynamics and controls. RPG-esque elements like unlocking numerous skills and weapon tuning make exploration and grinding feel fun and rewarding.

God of War is one of those games where you will find yourself engrossed for hours, following a state of flow that is unrivalled even in linear story mode games.

2) Death Stranding

Death Stranding is a game that is developed by Kojima Productions. Having launched in 2019 for the PlayStation 4, the game stands as a showcase of creative freedom from developer Hideo Kojima after he parted ways with Konami.

Death Stranding is a must-play masterpiece that has managed to create a distinctive presence in the sea of generic games. Kojima’s game design is exceptional, and one cannot help but notice it throughout the game. The game is based on a post-apocalyptic world where the protagonist has to deliver cargo in isolated places that feature difficult terrains.

Following this, many have touted the game as a Walking Simulator. But this is far from what the game is. Even when you navigate through your cargo deliveries, it is not as linear as holding your left stick forward. In fact, the movement mechanics are so dynamic that no game even comes close to matching it.

The movement is extremely variable to factors like the weight and type of cargo being carried, and terrain. You have to navigate through and control your character at all times. This ensures that the gameplay experience is always different and enriching. Also, it looks surprisingly good on the base PlayStation 4.

Another genius aspect of the game is its visuals and environment. When playing the game, you tend to get absolutely immersed in the combination of realistic and science fiction-based inspired map design. With a mind-boggling story, mechanics, and visuals, Death Stranding is a game that simply cannot be described with words. It is an experience that will leave you pleased for years to come.

3) Bloodborne


Bloodborne is an action RPG that is exclusive to PlayStation 4. It was first released in 2015 by developers FromSoftware for the console.

The developers sought out to revolutionise their own Soulslike genre with Bloodborne. Needless to say, it is regarded as one of the best games the genre has to offer. The title features the horror-filled world of Yharnam. The game's level designs are so profound that you will be gripped at all times with fear and uncertainty.

The extreme difficulty and complexity of the enemies/beasts simply aggravate the horror. The game can feel illogically difficult and tiresome for a beginner to the genre, but as you grasp the fast action-based mechanics and game's know-how, it unfolds as an exceptionally rewarding game.

Bloodborne is truly one of the best titles ever released for the PlayStation 4. If you have never played the title before, you are seriously missing out on something revolutionary.

4) Until Dawn


Until Dawn is a horror game that was released in 2015, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. It is commonly regarded as one of the best games in the horror genre, and is essentially an interactive drama-horror title.

Prior to Until Dawn, most horror games prioritised gameplay to induce horror. Until Dawn revolutionised the genre by bringing the focus to visuals and controlling the entire narrative by choice. Through this, the developers were able to fine-tune the timing and experience of the horror. This take was especially appreciated and enjoyed by fans of the genre.

The game conceals itself as a narrative masterpiece. The choices in the game are extremely determinant of how the story unfolds. This makes the choices especially impactful and makes you feel like you have control. All in all, Until Dawn is a PlayStation 4 game that truly revolutionised and influenced several modern horror games.

5) Persona 5

Phantom Thieves await your arrival (Image via PlayStation)
Phantom Thieves await your arrival (Image via PlayStation)

Persona 5 is a fairly new Japanese role-playing game, having been released in 2016 on PS3 and PlayStation 4. The game is an artistic statement, and presents itself as an almost-playable anime. The art style, from cutscene, gameplay, and even the menus, are admirable.

Bright soundtracks are also an added bonus to the overall experience. The strength of Persona 5 is based on these core features, but is interdependent on a strong narrative that is highly appealing to millennials.

While most titles fall short on gameplay, Persona 5 has some of the most exciting and satisfying combat mechanics in the JRPG genre. You will find yourself sinking endless hours trying to fiddle around in its extensive dungeon design.

Persona 5 is a game that combines all the positives of an RPG game but somehow portrays a vivid experience that is rare to find. Even if you are not a fan of anime and JRPGs, you will certainly appreciate the finesse of the game on the PlayStation4 or 5.

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Edited by Abu Amjad Khan