Are OnePlus 10T and 10 Pro worth buying during Black Friday sale? Expected prices, specs, and more explained

Is the OnePlus 10 Pro and 10T worth buying at this time of the year? (Image via OnePlus)
Is the OnePlus 10 Pro and 10T worth buying at this time of the year? (Image via OnePlus)

The latest OnePlus phones have grabbed massive attention from Android fans looking to grab feature-rich devices. The 10 series features both flagship and slightly budget-friendly options and also includes incredible features, beating most Android devices in the same price segment. With the upcoming Black Friday sale, fans may have an exciting chance to grab a OnePlus 10T or 10 Pro through massive discounts.


The day after Thanksgiving has always been the torch-bearer for one of the most anticipated yearly sale events. Even though the holiday season begins right after, shopping enthusiasts look forward to Black Friday sales, some of which offer the best discounts one can grab on items from their wishlist.

OnePlus released the 10 Pro in early 2022, while the 10T entered the budding market in August. Even though the OnePlus 10T is relatively new, trends from last year indicate that the company will be listing discounts on it.

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Should you buy the OnePlus 10T and 10 Pro during the Black Friday sale?


While Black Friday is still a few weeks away, retailers like Best Buy have already started listing early discounts on OnePlus devices and more. In fact, the company is hosting an interesting official event, where people can grab a OnePlus 10T and more prizes by locating a 'black box'.

Despite the offers, many may wonder whether the latest OnePlus phones are worth it at this time of the year. As fans know, the company launches a new line every year and usually targets January or February to announce a flagship device.

As per online sources, OnePlus is gearing up to launch the 11 Pro, which is expected to feature better processing speeds, improved camera features, better battery life, and more. It is expected to feature an anticipated chip from Qualcomm, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SOC. It will be powered by up to 16GB of RAM, and will come with a massive QHD+ AMOLED display.

Android phones tend to age faster than iPhones. Users often find the need to upgrade Android devices frequently, whereas iOS devices have been known to remain almost 'as good as new' for years. This is where the debate of buying a OnePlus 10T or 10 Pro during the Black Friday sale comes in.

Expected Black Friday sale prices


The OnePlus 10T with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage is priced at $649, while the 10 Pro with the same RAM and storage is available at $799, without discounts. Although Black Friday is yet to begin, the mentioned devices are already available at massive discounts through retailers like Best Buy and Amazon.

Early Black Friday sales contender, Best Buy, has listed 10T's base variant at $449 and 10 Pro's base variant at $599. Amazon, on the other hand, has only targeted the 10 Pro fan base for now, making the flagship model (8GB+128GB) available for $699. As of now, Best Buy is the clear winner in terms of offers. Prices may fall further as the day approaches and more retailers start offering discounts.

One Plus 10T and 10 Pro technical specs


The 10T is powered by the popular Oxygen OS based on Android 12 out of the box. However, the company will soon deploy official Oxygen OS 13 updates for the 10T.

The slightly affordable variant of the OnePlus 10 comes with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform processor chip, alongside an Adreno 730 GPU. The display is a 120 Hz Fluid AMOLED featuring a resolution of 2412 X 1080 pixels at 394 ppi. The triple camera system is powered by a Sony IMX766 and optical image stabilization, making it perfect for flagship-level captures. The 10T also comes with various camera and system features that lets users customize their experience.

There are only a few noticeable differences between the 10 Pro and the flagship 10 Pro, and the most significant one is the latter's collaboration with Hasselblad for its camera features. The main camera is powered by a 48MP Sony IMX789 sensor with a 1/1.43" size. It also features an ultra-wide and telephoto camera.

The 10 Pro features almost the same performance specifications as the 10T. However, the former seems to support better fast charging capabilities.


If you are looking to grab an affordable flagship Android phone and are not bothered by the latest specifications, the ongoing and upcoming Black Friday sales are a great option. The 10 Pro is perfect for those looking to grab one of the best mobile cameras at the most affordable rate. The OnePlus 10T is great for people looking to invest in performance only, while losing out on some premium camera features and build quality.

That said, grabbing the 10 Pro and 10T at the moment may not be worth it for tech and gaming enthusiasts, owing to the imminent announcement and launch of the 11 Pro and other variants. The upcoming flagship from the popular company is expected to be similarly priced and will feature defining performance and camera features.

If you are willing to wait and are not bothered by a few hundred bucks, waiting for the company to drop their upcoming flagship may be the wiser choice, considering Android's aging factor.

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