5 most annoying glitches in the GTA series

The Madd Dogg Mission can end runs out of nowhere (Image via GTA Wiki)
The Madd Dogg Mission can end runs out of nowhere (Image via GTA Wiki)

Like any other video game, the GTA series is prone to occasional glitches. However, some of them can leave players irritated.

Whether it is due to a programming error or a mistaken relationship between players and NPCs, glitches are a given in any popular game. Some glitches can be helpful for the GTA player, such as turning invisible or using a giant swing to transport to another location. It can be fun to play around with physics.

Unfortunately for specific players, there are GTA glitches that can detract from the experience. 100% completionists are rendered unable to finish their journey when particular items are no longer available. Even if a GTA player doesn't want to collect everything, glitches may cause them to lose what they currently have.

Some glitches that annoy all GTA players

#5 - Two-Bit Hit glitch


Vice City offers Tommy Vercetti an entire wardrobe of fashionable design choices. One of these outfits is the Havana set. Avery Carrington made Vercetti wear it during a funeral attack. Doing so convinces the Haitians to continue their feud with the Cubans. According to Carrington, gang wars bring down real estate prices.

While the outfit should be made available after the mission, a glitch prevents players from picking it up. If the Two Bit Hit is done before the missions Cop Land, No Escape, and The Job, an invisible wall appears over the outfit. It is unpleasant for completionists to lose access to the Havana set.

To avoid this glitch entirely, players should only complete Two Bit Hit after completing the previous missions. Of course, players have to get used to seeing the "A" symbol on the map for quite a while. If the missions are done correctly, the Havana outfit is ready to be worn without further issues.

#4 - Working out a glitch in San Andreas


San Andreas gives players a chance to put on some muscle and show off. This feature is only available in this game. However, there is a rare glitch that caused CJ to no longer work out. What happens is the game mistakenly thinks he reached his daily limit due to a programming oversight.

Typically, San Andreas records daily activities for CJ. While the game tracks days, there is no in-game clock for a specific year. Eventually, if CJ first starts training on January 1st, he only has a year to work out. By the time the year passes, the game will think it's the same January 1st instead of one from a different year.

Due to a gym glitch, CJ was left unable to continue his training from here on out. This happens when CJ reaches his physical limit on December 31st since the internal clock rolls over back to January 1st. On a related note, there is a savings glitch at Madd Dogg's mansion involving gyms.

#3 - Purples Nines mysteriously vanish


GTA 3 completionists can ruin their reruns if they have already completed the final mission for D-Ice. As the leader of the Red Jacks, he instructs Claude to take out the remaining members of the rival Purple Nines. It culminates in a rumble featuring baseball bats, where Claude is victorious.

Since the Red Jacks won the bloody turf war, the Purple Nines have vanished for the rest of the game. Unfortunately, this also extends to future playthroughs. Due to a glitch, anytime a player starts a new game, it leaves behind the trigger that causes the Purple Nines to appear no longer. This will make future GTA 3 missions impossible.

The only way to prevent this on consoles is to complete the first few missions beforehand, then save it in an unused slot. Anytime a player wants to begin a new playthrough, they should start from that save slot. Players who love to replay GTA 3 should always keep this in mind whenever they start another file.

#2 - Vehicles magically disappear from player garages

Sunshine Autos (Image via GTA Wiki)
Sunshine Autos (Image via GTA Wiki)

One of the most common complaints of the 3D-era GTA games is the disappearance of player vehicles. Typically, a vehicle can be safely stored in a garage at a nearby saving point. However, players may sometimes open up their garage door only to find space and dead air.

Overcramming vehicles might cause a few of them to disappear altogether. Bigger properties like the Hyman Condos and Sunshine Autos offer extra space for their garages. Players might naturally try to cram in as many vehicles as they can. Such an exploit usually backfires on the player when they lose a vehicle.

The vanishing car glitch also extends to GTA 4. Since the game uses open parking spots, nearby traffic can crash into the vehicle. Once the player's vehicle is moved out of the parking spot, they lose it entirely. GTA 5 fixes insurance policies, so players don't have to get rid of their vehicles.

#1 - The Madd Dogg glitch in San Andreas


The mission tells players to save Madd Dogg right before he jumps. However, under specific circumstances, the suicidal rapper leaps off the roof before a player can do anything. Should a player enter the pedestrian riot cheat beforehand, it causes Madd Dogg to have a hate relationship and go after CJ.

Since the Madd Dogg mission is mandatory for game completion, players can lose their entire run due to this glitch. The only way to fix this is with an online glitch repair tool, such as the one from hmvartak. Without these helpful repair kits, players flush several hours of gameplay down the drain.

Players should avoid cheat code activation until the mission is complete. While pedestrian riots are a fun way to mess around, GTA players end up punishing themselves with an impossible mission. It's incredibly frustrating considering how late in the game this occurs.

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