Top 5 most frustrating missions in GTA San Andreas

Image via Rockstar
Image via Rockstar

Every GTA game has its fair share of frustrating missions, and GTA San Andreas is no different.

Frustrating missions are a staple in the GTA series. Naturally, everybody plays the game in their own way, so some people might find one harder than others. Whether a mission is overrated or underrated is irrelevant to today's discussion topic, as this list is organized in a manner that should appeal to most GTA San Andreas players.

GTA San Andreas' missions are arguably more frustrating than some other entries in the series. For some players, the game's more archaic gameplay is its own frustration. For others, it's the different game philosophy that leads GTA San Andreas to be the hardest.

Some of the annoying missions in GTA San Andreas

#5 - Wrong Side of the Tracks

Image via Jonathan Gonzalez
Image via Jonathan Gonzalez
"All we had to do was follow the damn train, CJ!"

Thus, a legendary line was born. Skilled players often find "Wrong Side of the Tracks" overrated on lists involving frustrating missions. Still, it would never be considered frustrating if it didn't cause so many casual players to rage upon attempting it. If players don't understand the ideal distance between Big Smoke and the Vagos, they're bound to mess up.

Another frustrating aspect about this mission is that most players just drive by the side of the train, so it can feel boring just waiting for Big Smoke to shoot. More clever players can jump onto the train and just unload their Micro SMG or toss a grenade as the train passes by to complete it quickly. Its infamy as a frustrating mission in GTA San Andreas is certainly well-deserved.

#4 - End of the Line

Image via GTA Series Guides
Image via GTA Series Guides

The last mission of the game is appropriately challenging. While it seems epic for some players, it can also feel equally frustrating for those who struggle with longer missions. There's a shootout, a duel, and lots of driving taking place in End of the Line, so there's a lot of room for errors. Fortunately, completing the crack palace part of this mission allows players to skip it if they fail later.

Nonetheless, for a final mission, it's undeniably worthy of a spot on the list of the top five most frustrating missions in GTA San Andreas. At least this mission is a lot of fun, although easily-angered players might hate it. Ultimately, End of the Line could be a source of frustration for players who just wish to beat the game and move on to another.

#3 - Supply Lines...

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Players tend to hate flying missions in GTA (San Andreas included). Similarly, they despise RC missions. What happens when both are combined? For most players, it's one of the worst missions in the series. As far as this list is concerned, it is the highest-ranked mission for normal reasons (i.e., no bugs, and it's required for 100%, unlike #2, which is still difficult).

Wonky controls are never fun, so much that David Cross (the voice actor for Zero) has been quoted as saying, "I f***ing hated it... I couldn't do it.." in Hot Ones. When a player considers the sheer frustration of trying to fly an RC plane with a time limit, it's easy to see why it's hated. Add in Zero's annoying voice, and players have found this mission to be a recipe for disaster.

#2 - Flight School (All gold medals)

Image via GTA Series Videos
Image via GTA Series Videos

For many players, flying a plane is a horrible experience. While it's fitting considering how difficult it is to fly a plane in real life, it's still no fun to do so in a game for lots of players.

Passing the regular course is hard for some people, but trying to get all gold is even more challenging. What makes this even more difficult is that players won't have that much experience flying aircrafts in this game by this point.

Some gold medals are easy to get, but others may take a few tries. Impatient players will especially hate this side mission, as they may fail over and over again and end up finding this to be the most frustrating part of the game. All gold medals aren't required for 100% completion, but perfectionists will hate it.

#1 - Madd Dogg

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Surprisingly, Madd Dogg isn't the most frustrating mission because of what CJ has to do. No, Madd Dogg is actually a straightforward mission that most players should pass without a problem.

The real issue is when the infamous Madd Dogg glitch occurs. When that happens, the mission becomes impossible to complete for average players (and they have to resort to saving editing or other mods to get past this point). The frustrating aspect of this GTA San Andreas mission is that some players may not be aware of it until it's too late.

If the player is on a console and has no cheating devices at hand, they have to reset all of their progress and start all over. Sometimes, a simple reset won't be enough to prevent Madd Dogg from incorrectly jumping off the roof in a cutscene. This is especially frustrating for players who did many collectibles (or even 100%ing some of them).

Every other mission could be beaten with enough determination, but this mission does not fall in that category. Now, a player could be smart and never use in-game cheats (specifically pedestrian-altering ones), but it has affected thousands of GTA players.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the writer's personal views. What may seem the best to one may not be so to another.

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