5 best assault rifles in GTA Online, ranked

GTA Online has many rifles that players should try (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA Online has many rifles that players should try (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA Online has a lot of weapons, but players love to play with assault rifles. There are automatic two-handed weapon classes usually characterized by their large profile.

Many players around the globe usually favor these guns due to their firepower, accuracy, and large magazines. They have appeared in almost every title in the series, starting with GTA 3, except for GTA Vice City.

Five Assault Rifles in GTA Online for players to try in 2022

1) Assault Rifle


First is the classic weapon available in GTA Online called Assault Rifle. It is based on the Norinco Type 56-2, a Chinese version of the Ak-47 fitted with a side-folding stock.

By default, the gun is equipped with a 30-round magazine but can be replaced with a 60-round. It is one of the most valuable firearms in the game's early stages.

Gamers can use it for both long and short-range assaults. The gun performs better than submachine guns as well as handguns. Since the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update, they can upgrade and equip it with a 100-round magazine.

Once players reach Rank 24, they can purchase the weapon for $8,550 from Ammu-Nation or Agency Armory.

2) Assault Rifle Mk II


Introduced on GTA Online with the Gunrunning update, this is the Mark II version of the aforementioned Assault Rifle. The gun has multiple visual modifications, including a Magpul MOE pistol grip, different iron sights, and a handguard.

It has improved significantly over the regular Assault Rifle, increasing the damage from 30 to 40 while maintaining the same rate of fire. Users can use it with specialized ammo thanks to its high damage per shot.

They can convert their regular Assault Rifle to this gun for $98,750 at Weapon Workshop in the game.

3) Compact Rifle


The Compact Rifle is another AR introduced in the game with the Lowriders: Custom Classics update.

The compact version of this gun has a short-barreled Norinco Type 56 receiver. Like its name, the weapon is small yet powerful enough to deal more damage compared to the other mentioned assault rifles on the list so far.

It's also the first assault rifle that players can use on a bicycle, motorcycle, or boat. Gamers can pick it up from Ammu-Nation or Agency Armory for $14,650.

4) Military Rifle


This special assault rifle is manufactured by Vom Feuer, an Austrian firearm manufacturer in Grand Theft Auto Online. It was introduced in the game with The Cayo Perico Heist update and is heavily inspired by the Bullpup, based on the Steyr AUG A3.

It is one of the most versatile weapons in the game that allows users to do significant damage with a similar output to other rifles in this list. The weapon has an elevated damage profile useful to eliminate targets in no time.

Even though it has some recoil, it compensates with its above-average rate of fire as well as pretty good damage. Gamers can purchase the gun from Ammu-Nation or Agency Armory for $397,500.

5) Heavy Rifle


It's another assault rifle manufactured by Vom Feuer and was introduced with the Contract update. The Heavy Rifle's magazine is tilted forward as it has a shortened barrel. It fires 5.56mm cartridges just like the Special Carbine assault rifle.

The weapon easily outperforms the Carbine Rifle, the Assault Rifle, and the Compact Rifle. It can also go toe-to-toe with other Mark II weapons at closer ranges.

The gun gives players an advantage within a close-mid ranged band and allows them to capitalize on its higher damage per shot. It is available for $450,000 from the Ammu-Nation or Agency Armory.

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