5 best custom vehicles in GTA Online and how to get them

(Image via GTA wiki Fandom)
(Image via GTA wiki Fandom)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 02 May 2021

GTA players love only a handful of things more than the ability to customize their vehicles to the point where they barely resemble their stock version. GTA Online takes it several steps further in that respect, allowing players to upgrade certain cars to their custom variants.

Occasionally, these custom variants might affect the performance of their respective vehicles aversely, which is why these custom variants should only be for cosmetic purposes. It doesn't add much to the car's performance on the track, but they are certainly some of the best-looking vehicles in GTA Online.

Many of these vehicles can be upgraded by taking them to Benny's Original Motorworks and spending a lot of money upgrading them.

5 best custom vehicles in GTA Online and how to get them

5) Karin Sultan RS

The Karin Sultan is already a rally car classic in GTA Online, but this custom variant certainly makes it all the better. The Sultan RS significantly improves the car's visual aesthetics and makes it look more like the drift god it is supposed to be.

The Sultan can be upgraded to the Sultan RS by dropping a massive $795,000 in Benny's Original Motor Works. But given the original Sultan costs only about $12,000, it shouldn't be much of a problem as the total costs come up to about just north of $800,000.

4) Willard Faction Custom Donk

There aren't many vehicles as impressive visually as the Custom Donk as it instantly makes a statement upon arrival. It has a better ground clearance than most off-road vehicles in GTA Online, making it extremely versatile for off-road purposes.

Many often use the Custom Donk as a quazi-monster truck that also has the looks of a vintage muscle car. The Willard Faction can be converted into the Custom Donk by spending $695,000 on it at Benny's Original Motor Works.

3) Dewbauchee Specter Custom

The Dewbauchee Specter is one of the most affordable sports cars in GTA Online, which is why spending an additional $252,000 on it doesn't seem like a stretch. The Specter is a good-looking car, but its custom variant certainly is a thing of beauty.

The Specter Custom might not give it a performance boost, but visually, it makes the car look like one of the best in GTA Online.

2) Progen Itali GTB Custom

The Progen Itali is one of the best-looking cars in GTA Online already, but it can always do with a little touch-up, as the adage goes. If the player is willing to spend $495,000 for a major makeover for their favorite sports car, then the Itali GTB Custom should be an easy choice.

The custom variant makes the car look that much sleeker, but at the same time, also gives it a slightly meaner edge.

1) Deathbike

Deathbikes are speed and death incarnate as they deal major damage and slice through traffic and enemies in a blink. To get the Deathbike, players must own an Arena Workshop to upgrade the Gargoyle to the Deathbike.

Players can pick between three different variants - Nightmare, Apocalypse, and Future Shock. While there isn't any difference in performance, the armor on the back is slightly less effective in the Future Shock variant.

The conversion costs $1,269,000 in the Arena Workshop.

Published 02 May 2021
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