5 best graphics mods for GTA San Andreas in 2022

There are some amazing graphics mods out there (Image via Sportskeeda)
There are some amazing graphics mods out there (Image via Sportskeeda)

There has been a multitude of graphics mods available for GTA San Andreas for many years, which makes sense, considering how active the modding community is and how long the game's been out. However, not every gamer knows which mods are the best and are actually worth trying out.

Whether GTA fans wish to improve the general overall quality of graphics in the game or simply upgrade certain aspects of it, there are plenty of mods for them to choose from.

This article will look at five of the best graphics mods available for GTA San Andreas in 2022.

These GTA San Andreas mods make the game look stunning

5. Insanity Vegetation


This mod for GTA San Andreas helps to improve the graphics for the vegetation in the game. This means that the mod ensures trees and grass are significantly better looking and more realistic. The video above shows a very clear side-by-side comparison.

In the original version of the game, trees have a much darker color and a more heavy, solid shape. After implementing the Insanity Vegetation Mod, the difference in visual quality is very clear. Tree trunks appear more realistic in both shape and color, with the leaves and foliage on the treetops and bushes looking more vibrant.

4. HD Weapons Mod


There are quite a few weapon mods available for GTA San Andreas, but not many are as impressive as the HD Weapons Mod, as can be seen in the video above. What this mod does is replace the older icons of weapons in the game with much newer-looking, more realistic versions.

Details on graphics have come a very long way in the GTA universe over the past 20 years. This is apparent when comparing, say, GTA 5 with GTA Vice City or San Andreas. And now, thanks to mods like this one, gamers can enjoy a much more satisfying weapon loadout with a shinier look.

3. Cloud Skybox


The Cloud Skybox mod enhances the appearance of clouds in GTA San Andreas. While it's not a game-changing mod, it does manage to make the gaming experience better. For instance, as can be seen in the video, the game looks much more appealing when it's cloudy and the mod is in effect.

Gamers can also choose to use this mod to improve the look of the clouds in conjunction with other mods whose primary purpose is to make the graphics look life-like. Combining this Cloud Skybox mod with the HD Weapons and Insanity Vegetation mods will add a few more layers of realism to the game.

2. Ultimate Graphics Mod


The Ultimate Graphics Mod almost brings the graphical quality of GTA San Andreas a step closer to the graphics offered by current-gen consoles. It does this by improving the visuals of cars, characters, other textures like that of the sky, and more.

The noticeable difference is in the deeper colors and smoother lines on the characters and vehicles in the game, as well as in the improvements to the clouds and vegetation. There is also the added touch of more accurate reflections and lights bouncing off passing cars and buildings, which also have an enhanced, cleaner look to them.

1. V Graphics Mod


The V Graphics Mod allows gamers to see what it would be like to play GTA San Andreas with the game looking a bit like GTA 5. Although the San Andreas cannot be totally compared to the modern-day graphical brilliance of GTA 5 and Online, this mod does appear to vastly uplift the overall look of the game.

Colors and lighting are much brighter in the game after installing the mod. Shadow effects are quite different from the original version as well. Moreover, everything seems a bit sharper around the edges, which makes it appear more prominent and clean.

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