5 best GTA 5 mods to enhance visuals and gameplay in 2021

(Image via pressboltnews)
(Image via pressboltnews)
Rahul Bhushan

Time and time again, the GTA modding community has proved just how valuable it is to the community as well as the game itself. Through mods, games that are nearly a decade old at this point, like GTA 5, have been able to stay relevant and fun, despite their age.

It only takes one look at the streaming charts to see just how popular GTA mods are and how different an experience they can offer to the player. From entire games unto themselves, such as GTA RP to the zombie apocalypse, there are plenty of different mods that players can pick from.

One of the best go-to mods for players looking to test their GPUs is high-performance or graphics mods that can push their shiny new GPU to the limit. On the other hand, others love a new way to experience the world of GTA 5 through gameplay enhancements and scripts.

5 best GTA 5 mods to enhance visuals and gameplay in 2021

1) The Cayo Perico Heist for SP

The Cayo Perico Heist is easily one of the most exciting Heists ever in the history of GTA Online. While the players certainly loved the Heist, Story Mode enthusiasts looked on from the shadows as the single-player continues to not receive any love from Rockstar.

However, the modding community swoops in for a rescue with a quality mod that recreates the Cayo Perico Heist in Single Player. The Heist tasks players with robbing a notorious crime lord, El Rubio, in an all-new location in Cayo Perico, miles off the coast of Los Santos.

2) LSPD First Response

LSPD First Response continues to be one of the most popular scripts for GTA 5 players as it is truly a unique way to experience the game. This mod sees the players cross over the line and into a police officer's uniform as they go about their duties - making arrests and chasing down bad guys.

With a custom character creator and scripted missions, this mod has just about everything one would want in a comprehensive gameplay script. LSPD First Response is truly one of the best mods ever created for GTA 5 and one that fans should try.

3) Simple Zombies

Zombies and video games, a love story that has persevered through time and is still going strong. Simple Zombies is extremely well-made and engaging with huge chunks of inspiration from games like Left 4 Dead and other zombie-survival shooters.

With a fully fleshed-out camping system in place, in addition to other gameplay changes, this mod is as expansive as it gets. A complete departure from the standard GTA 5 experience, this mod is as distinct an experience one can have through mods.

4) VisualV

Graphics are very subjective, as some might prefer photorealism over creative art styles. VisualV manages to accomplish both, with just about enough creative liberties taken over certain visual elements.

VisualV is one of the most comprehensive graphics mods for GTA 5 and easily the biggest graphical upgrade one can try for GTA 5.

5) Crime and Police Rebalance

GTA 5 contains what is perhaps one of the best Police AI ever seen in video games. In a game that puts players in the shoes of a criminal, a Police AI acts as the counterbalance to the player's actions within the game. This adds a cause-and-effect relationship that adds a lot of dynamic elements to the game.

This mod takes the already-excellent Police AI and drives it up to 11. With more nuance, such as witnesses calling for help - thus allowing the player some buffer time to stop a 911 call.

This makes for a rather deep gameplay loop that players perhaps can't experience in the standard GTA 5.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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