5 best GTA Online guns under 100k

Weapons and cars are an integral part of the GTA franchise (Image via gtabase)
Weapons and cars are an integral part of the GTA franchise (Image via gtabase)

In the perilous world of GTA Online, finding the right weapon is crucial.

Moreover, the futuristic guns that users want to use to shred their enemy into pieces do not come cheap. They often have to pay through their noses for them, and game cards are not easy to acquire.

This is why players need to spend their hard-earned bucks wisely, for a frugal criminal is the wealthiest criminal, after all.

Here are some must-have GTA Online guns for players to add to their personnel without breaking their banks.

Most potent guns in GTA Online under 100k

#5 - The Combat Mg (M249)

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The Combat Mg, also known as the M249, is an updated model of the M249E1. Sleek and rather intimidating in design, this heavy metal hosts several devastating features to send enemies running for the hills or into the hands of death.

The Combat Mg in GTA Online has an impressive ammunition capacity of 100 rounds in a single magazine and fires at 900 rounds per minute.

Not only will this hard-hitting machine gun in GTA Online turn the opponent into a soggy bag of scarlet, but also destroy any unarmored vehicle in the flash of an eye.

This heavy weapon’s only disadvantage is that it does not come with a folding bipod, instead equipped with Picatinny rails.

Another thing to consider before adding The Combat Mg to the player’s GTA Online arsenal is that it doesn’t offer much stealth, owing to its bulky design.

The machine gun costs $14,800, an excellent choice under 100k.

#4 - The Heavy Sniper

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The Heavy Sniper is a powerful rendition of the popular Caliber Barret M82 rifle in GTA Online.

Packed with many awe-worthy features like a floating handguard and a compact short barrel (CQB), the Heavy Sniper is an absolute must-have in GTA Online for those who want to blast people to pieces without making a sound. In fact, this gun saw the light of stardom because of the highly efficient suppressor it comes with.

It performs exceptionally well at a range of 1500. Though players may find it hard to kill enemies with a single blow, severe damage would still allow them to make an easy escape.

Users can also install an extended clip to the gun, which has a magazine capacity of 8 rounds.

The Heavy Sniper Mark II costs $38,150 and can be bought from Vom Feuer in GTA Online.

#3 - The Special Carbine

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Equipped with a 60-round standard magazine and a 100-round dual-drum, the Special Carbine is a popular assault rifle.

If the player's goal in GTA Online is to turn enemies into human gore, this is the perfect weapon. The Carbine is capable of severe damage per second and is equipped with sharp accuracy and effective range.

This weapon comes with a 30-round magazine and is available for $14,750.

#2 - The Heavy Revolver

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The Heavy Revolver is a handgun with several customization options. It has an ammunition capacity of 6 rounds and resembles the Double-Action Revolver in GTA Online to some degree.

As far as design and build go, this firearm appears to be the updated version of the Double-Action Revolver. Sleek and sturdy in appearance, the Heavy Revolver is as close as a player can get to blowing the enemy into ribbons while staying in style. It is a must-have weapon if destroying helicopters is part of the player’s criminal agenda.

The Heavy Revolver also comes with a Holographic Sight, making long-range attacks a walk in the park.

The handgun hosts an impressive capacity of 360 rounds and is powerful enough to destroy bullet-resistant doors and windows. It can fire at a range of 120/394 m/ft.

The Heavy Revolver costs $99,000 in GTA Online.

#1 - The Micro SMG

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The Micro SMG is quite popular in the GTA world. Equipped with a 50-round magazine capacity, it is the go-to weapon for street crimes and mini heists.

With its compact design and firm trigger grip, the Micro SMG seems to have taken after the Micro Uzi, another variation of the famous MAC-10 in GTA Online.

This weapon’s beauty is that it takes a different shape and style in different games. However, one thing remains common in every GTA Online mission - the Micro SMG allows players to knock over rivals while running without unnecessary fluff. It is an absolute for any player’s arsenal.

The weapon costs $3750 in GTA Online.

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