5 best GTA Vice City cheats for PC (August 2021)

GTA Vice City Cheats (Image via Youtube
GTA Vice City Cheats (Image via Youtube
Viren Mirpuri

The GTA Vice City is a classic video game loved by millions of players and one of the most appealing features in the game are its cheats. GTA Vice City has some of the most iconic cheat codes featured in the GTA series.

Players can spawn vehicles, get weapons and even change the protagonist's character model using cheats. The game lets players use these cheats to make the game more interesting and easier in some cases.

Sometimes a mission can be quite difficult to complete and all players really need is a cheat that can help them get through the mission. In a mission where players need to fend off many characters, cheats for health and weapons can be very useful in completing the mission.

Here is a list of the top 5 best cheats in GTA Vice City to use while playing the game on the PC.

Top 5 cheats for GTA Vice City for PC (August 2021)


Typing ASPIRINE in the game or the pause menu restores health in GTA Vice City. This cheat is very useful in the game as it helps players finish missions with ease as players can use the cheat to not get wasted.


Typing PRECIOUSPROTECTION in the game or the pause menu gives players armor in GTA Vice City. This cheat helps players gain an extra layer of protection which can be very useful during missions or while being chased by cops.


Typing GETTHEREFAST in the game or the pause menu spawns the Sabre Turbo in GTA Vice City. The Sabre Turbo is the fastest car in the game and can help players travel around GTA Vice City with ease.


Typing PANZER in the game or the pause menu spawns the Rhino Tank in GTA Vice City. The Rhino Tank is an almost invincible tank that can shoot rockets at enemies and traffic.


Typing COMEFLYWITHME in the game or the pause menu makes cars in the game fly. This cheat makes the game really fun as players no longer need to find an aerial vehicle to travel around GTA Vice City.

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