5 best MK II weapons in GTA Online that are perfect for missions

MK II weapons are very popular in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki)
MK II weapons are very popular in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki)

GTA Online is known for its chaotic missions, where unexpected assaults and devastating attacks are considered to be completely normal. This is where the MK II weapons come in.

Some players believe the MK II weapons are highly overrated and barely justify their notorious price tags. Meanwhile, others claim that these weapons are unparalleled in performance.

While both views have valid points, the fact remains that MK weapons are some of the most popular and raved-about weapons in GTA Online.

This article takes a look at 5 of the most highly-rated MK II weapons that players can buy in GTA Online.

What are the best MK II weapons that are perfect for GTA Online missions?

#5 Combat MG MK II


Machine guns have always been an important part of GTA Online. The Combat MG MK II shows significant improvement over its base version in GTA Online and deals great damage, making for one heck of a machine gun.

Moreover, this gun can handle four types of ammunition, namely Tracer rounds, Incendiary rounds, Full Metal Jacket rounds and Armor Piercing rounds.

#4 Heavy Revolver MK II


Nothing intimidates the enemy like the Heavy Revolver MK II. With all the recommended upgrades (that cost around $99,000), the weapon guarantees a one-shot-kill and wreaks a good deal of damage.

Beginners might find the Heavy Revolver a little sluggish at times, but a little practice should help them get accustomed to it.

#3 Marksman Rifle MK II


One can't talk about MK 2 weapons without mentioning the Marksman Rifle MK II. Admittedly, the base version had a bit of a reputation for being clumsy and powerless. However, the modified weapon shows significant improvement over its predecessor.

The MK II version is not only deadly in nature, but it's also incredibly sharp and can wreak a good deal of damage in GTA Online.

#2 Heavy Sniper MK II


The Heavy Sniper MK II is capable of turning the enemy into an unrecognized mass of blood and gore.

The Heavy Sniper MK II always makes a great case for itself and is one of the most powerful weapons featured in GTA Online.

#1 Special Carbine MK II


Not only is the Special Carbine MK II supremely devastating in nature, but it's also deadly accurate. One shot from the Special Carbine MK II is enough to turn the screen red and leave the enemy in ribbons.

This weapon is one of the major reasons why the MK II weapons are so popular in GTA Online.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh
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