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5 best side characters in GTA Online

GTA has many characters that drop one-liners and jokes like nobody
GTA has many characters that drop one-liners and jokes like nobody's business (Image via GTA5Mods)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 31 Mar 2021

Many often wrongly assume that GTA Online lacks the hilarious characterization and plot of story mode. It has proved time and again that it can deliver compelling and hilarious characters on the story mode's level.

GTA Online characters, both allies and enemies, are hilarious across the board with their unique sets of quirks and tendencies. Rockstar Games has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that comedy has a place in the video game medium, and the GTA franchise is a testament to that.

The series has had tons of great, funny characters that drop one-liners and jokes like nobody's business. Here's a look at the best characters in the game currently.

Five best GTA Online side characters

#5 - Agent 14

Agent 14 was initially introduced to GTA Online players as a hilariously conspicuous undercover IAA agent posing as a criminal mastermind. He was the player's handler for a bunch of the original heists and eventually revealed his true identity.

However, ages before the "reveal," it was pretty easy to see through Agent 14's guise as he didn't do a great job on his criminal character. He is as scummy as he is funny and transparent in his sociopathic tendencies.


A patriot and a dubious one at that, Agent 14 is one of the most memorable parts of the Doomsday Heist, and players would love to see him once more.

#4 - Paige Harris

Paige Harris appeared in the story mode and is easily the most capable hacker to hire for a crew. She proves her mettle time and again by being the most competent personnel this time around as well, even giving players Client Jobs to help them make more money.

Aside from her utility as a highly professional and capable criminal, she is as snarky and insulting as they come. Ruthlessly berating Lester Crest as well as the GTA Online protagonist and their crew, Paige never misses a chance to belittle her employees.

While she can come off quite standoffish at first, it is hard to deny just how capable she is and how vital Harris is to the crew. Her demeanor towards the unit gets slightly warmer over time, but never to the point of friendliness.

#3 - Pavel


Pavel is one of the newest characters in GTA Online and helps players get familiar with the Kosatka Submarine. He will guide gamers through the heist and help them understand how the Kosatka works and how to make full use of it.

The guy has many stories to tell and constantly eludes to having lived a life full of adventure and criminal activities. Pavel is hugely likable and witty and often has the best lines in GTA Online, right alongside the series's funniest characters.

To be regarded as one of the funniest characters in a franchise populated by comic characters as GTA has to be quite a feat.

#2 - Agatha Baker

Agatha Baker is the manager of the Diamond Casino, and she holds that position in relatively high regard, reflected by her dedication to her work. Ms Baker may initially appear very high-strung and skittish, but her stance on violence and criminal behavior loosens over time, quite hilariously so.


Agatha Baker goes from someone who is repulsed by crime and violence to openly calling for someone's murder, and dare say, even enjoys the idea of highly violent acts. While still far from psychotic, Agatha's descent into criminal territory is both hilarious and gratifying to watch.

Eventually, she becomes one of the most enjoyable presences in GTA Online and one of the best characters in the game.

#1 - English Dave

English Dave doesn't grow on the player as much as he simply explodes onto the screen and wraps himself around the player. The character can easily get on the player's nerves and drive them mad, but that is just part of English Dave's charm.

Seeing as Kent Paul hasn't appeared in a GTA game for so long, English Dave easily fills his shoes, and then some. As the resident funny Englishman around, Dave is as English as it gets.

His penchant for vanity makes him one of the funniest characters in-game, and it helps that he is usually accompanied by famous musicians all the time.

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Published 31 Mar 2021, 17:08 IST
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