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Are client jobs worth doing in GTA Online?

Image via PlayStation Universe
Image via PlayStation Universe
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 22 Feb 2021

What makes GTA Online really click for a lot of players is that there is no linear path of progression that most online multiplayer games tend to have. Meaning, a lot of times, progression in online multiplayer games often boils down to a series of checklists of items that the player must acquire to level up.

However, in GTA Online, there is no checklist of items or a strict path to getting into the big leagues. Instead, players are left to their own devices, and the game allows them to make their own choices, acquire property, and do missions in any way they see fit.

This is often why sometimes players might question whether a certain property or series of missions in GTA Online is actually worth it. One such series of missions are Client Jobs, unlocked by the purchase of a Terrorbyte.

Client jobs in GTA Online: Worth or not?

The Terrorbyte is a supremely useful property/vehicle in GTA Online that acts as the mobile nerve center for the player's criminal empire in the game.

Not only is the Terrorbyte a durable semi-truck that can take upwards of 30 missiles to destroy, but it has a tonne of toys indoors as well.

The Terrorbyte comes with its own set of missions given to the player by Paige Harris, called client jobs. These missions essentially are Contact Missions with extremely lucrative payouts and are infinitely replayable.


The majority of the payout depends on the number of minutes the player spends completing the mission.

Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Image via GTA Wiki Fandom

Potential payout of contact missions

Potentially, players are given the 1-minute cooldown timer between mission stand to make about an average of $9,600 per five minutes in GTA Online. That is, if the player manages to complete the mission above the 4-minute mark.

Seeing as client jobs often end up in the Bonus Activities, players can make double that amount per five minutes, which racks up to quite a huge amount hourly.

Therefore, spending upwards of $1,375,000 up to $3,459,500 isn't that big a deal considering how much the players stand to earn.

Note: Players will need a Drone Station to do certain missions in the Client Jobs list.

Published 22 Feb 2021, 15:26 IST
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