5 best vehicles in GTA Online for playing Time Trials

Best cars in GTA Online for Time Trials (Image via Rockstar Games)
Best cars in GTA Online for Time Trials (Image via Rockstar Games)
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GTA Online players hustle every day in its open world to earn rewards, money, and reputation. Time Trials are one such way where players can get quick rewards and keep the flow of money coming in.

First introduced back in 2015 with the Freemode Events update, Time Trials are a short form of races where players try to beat the par time. Since there are no checkpoints or particular ways to follow, players get the freedom to choose how to reach their destined location in such events. However, vehicle choice is quite important as it affects players' completion of these Time Trial events.

Here are the five best vehicles players should pick to complete Time Trials.

Top 5 GTA Online vehicles for Time Trials

5) Benefactor Krieger


Benefactor Krieger is a two-door hypercar that is heavily inspired by the real-life Mercedes-AMG One. It is considered a great all-around supercar when it comes to performance. Apart from having pretty good top speed and comfortable handling, it also has excellent traction and acceleration.

The car is powered by a mid-rear engine coupled to a 7-speed gearbox in an AWD layout and can reach a maximum speed of 127.25 mph (204.79 km/h). This allows players to drive quickly after using the brakes, making it suitable for completing Time Trials in GTA Online.

Benefactor Krieger is available to purchase for $2,875,000 from Legendary Motorsport.

4) Progen Emerus


Inspired by the real-life McLaren Senna 2019, Progen Emerus is a two-door hypercar in GTA Online. It's recognized for its top speed and high acceleration capabilities. The car also has good traction, making it more compelling for sharp turns. It is powered by a V8 engine with a staggering 7-speed gearbox.

Progen Emerus can reach a maximum speed of a staggering 127.25 mph (204.79 km/h). The care can be purchased for $2,750,000 from Legendary Motorsport in the game.

3) Dewbauchee Vagner


Dewbauchee Vagner heavily resembles the real-life Aston Martin Valkyrie, Nio EP9, and Jaguar C-X75. The car possesses excellent top speed and pretty good handling. It can move quickly after taking a corner and can be stored in players' garages and customized at Los Santos Customs in GTA Online.

Dewbauchee Vagner appears to be powered by a V8 engine and can reach a maximum speed of 126.75 mph (203.98 km/h). The supercar can be purchased for $1,535,000 from Legendary Motorsport in the game.

Rockstar Games describe the car as:

β€œThe Vagner is a message from the future: you're late.”

2) Annis S80RR


Next on our list is the Annis S80RR endurance race car, which is inspired by the real-life Nissan R90C. The vehicle packs pretty good acceleration and top speed compared to other super-class cars in GTA Online. Despite being a race car, it can steer sharply at corners. The car's weight and downforce help it stay stable even on uneven roads.

Annis S80RR is powered by a single-cam V8 engine with a 6-speed gearbox, and it can reach a maximum speed of 123.00 mph (197.95 km/h). The race car is available to purchase for $2,575,000 from Legendary Motorsport in the game.

1) Truffade Thrax


At number 1, we have the Truffade Thrax hypercar featured in GTA Online. It appears to be inspired by the real-life Bugatti Divo.

The vehicle is in a league of its own when it comes to performance. It is packed with tremendous acceleration and impeccable grip, making the car take turns easily without losing momentum. On a straight road, it can even surpass the top speed compared to other supercars in GTA Online.

The engine resembles the W16 engine and comes with a 7-speed gearbox. Truffade Thrax can reach a maximum speed of 124.00 mph (199.56 km/h). The car can be purchased for $ 2,325,000 from Legendary Motorsport in the game.

Which other cars are eligible for Time Trials?


Players can participate in Time Trial events with any personal vehicle they own in the game. The only exceptions are Oppressor and Deluxo. However, ever since the Diamond Casino & Resort update, all kinds of weaponized and special vehicles have not been eligible for these events.

Shrink down to curb height and reap Double Rewards with the return of RC Bandito Races.Plus, help free-thinker Ron Jakowski by completing his Contact Missions and get 2X GTA$ and RP, all week long:

To sum it up, players can try competing in Time Trials in any vehicle they want as long as it’s eligible. It’s always good to pick a car that is faster and can take corners quickly to get an advantage in the events.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions. The top speeds were noted by Broughy1322.

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