5 best VIP vehicles that players can spawn in GTA Online

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Players who are CEO or VIP in GTA Online can spawn certain vehicles for free or for a small fee via their interaction menu.

While one doesn't necessarily have to be a CEO or VIP in GTA Online in order to live the good life, players who've earned this status (in exchange for a pretty penny) get to enjoy exclusive perks like being able to use vehicles they haven't paid through the teeth for.

Some VIP vehicles can be spawned through the interaction menu for free, while others can be called in if the player owns a warehouse.

This article talks about five of the best VIP vehicles featured in GTA Online.

5 best VIP vehicles that players can make in GTA Online

#5 The Cognoscenti


GTA Online features a number of mind-blowing vehicles, but none quite outclass the insane popularity of armored vehicles in the game. The reason is simple. GTA Online lobbies are often filled with resentful griefers who would do anything to cause chaos and ruin other players' gameplay experience, and one naturally has to be prepared for anything when grinding difficult missions.

Not only does the Cognoscenti provide immunity against bullet-fire and impromptu attacks, but it is also one heck of a beast on the fast lane, making for one of the best VIP vehicles featured in GTA Online.

#4 The Brickade


Just when players thought nothing could beat the armored cars in GTA Online, Rockstar introduced the Brickade to the game as part of Further Adventures in Finance and Felony. Not only does this beast of a vehicle leave bystanders in absolute awe, it also does one heck of a job at keeping the enemy at bay. For a bulky truck, the Brickade is surprisingly fast and features quick acceleration and great handling.

#3 The Sanchez

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

It is no surprise that the Sanchez is featured as a VIP vehicle in GTA Online, given how dominant a role it has been playing in every Grand Theft Auto game, appearing in every sequel except GTA Advanced.

The Sanchez is a powerful dirt-bike that retains much of its original features and boasts a classic off-road look. Recorded at a top speed of 119.50 mph (192.32 km/h), the Sanchez leaves many of its contemporaries in the dust and reserves a permanent spot in the limelight for its rightful heritage.

#2 Schafter LWB


Like all armoured vehicles, the Schafter is quite popular in GTA Online and rightfully so. Who wouldn't want the protection of an armored beast in the chaos of the streets. Not only does the Schafter perform like an absolute pro, it also looks like one.

#1 The Buzzard Attack Chopper


And, coming on top is, of course, the vehicle that needs no introduction in GTA Online. The king of all helicopters. The shadow of death and devastation. The unchallenged, unparalleled, Buzzard.

This is also perhaps the most used VIP vehicle in GTA Online. While the rest take a seat behind the curtains most of the time, the Buzzard enjoys its status as a VIP vehicle and gets quite the buzz in GTA Online.

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