Top 5 cars in GTA Online with great handling

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Part of the reason GTA Online is the most rated franchise in the world is because of all the super cool, lightning-fast vehicles Rockstar keeps adding to the game.

However, much of the fuss in the online community is reserved for vehicles with awe-worthy looks and impressive acceleration. Vehicles that come equipped with great handling often get buried under a pile of hyped-up additions.

The handling of a car is just as important as its speed and overall performance. Poor handling not only slows the player down but also results in loss of traction and acceleration.

This article takes a look at the top 5 GTA Online cars that come equipped with smooth and nimble handling.

Top 5 cars in GTA Online with great handling

#5 The Deveste Eight:


If what the player is looking for is a car that doesn't require a lot of input, Deveste Eight is the perfect choice.

The Deveste Eight takes heavy influence from the Dubai-based concept car Devel Sixteen. The Deveste Eight is a charmer when it comes to looks, and when you mix in its incredible speed and performance, the car is a must-have in GTA Online.

The handling of the car is beyond impressive. The wheels seem to glide over the roads with excellent smoothness, and unexpected bumps and roadblocks don't seem to hurt the car in the least.

The Deveste Eight can be purchased from Legendary Motorsport for a staggering $1,795,000.

#4 The Progen T20


T20 is another amazing GTA Online car that has incredible handling.

The iconic design of the car seems to have been inspired by the popular McLaren P1 and the Falcon F7, both of which feature a sleek and intimidating profile.

The acceleration of the car is superemly impressive and its nippy handling allows for a smooth ride. Recorded at a top speed of 122.25 mph (196.74 km/h), the Progen T20 is a great vehicle that every GTA Online player should aspire to own.

It can be purchased from Legendary Motorsport for $2,200,000.

#3 The Cyclone


The Cyclone, as the name of the car indicates, is generally popular for featuring unmatchable acceleration. The car can travel from 0-60 mph in less than a second.

As if that wasn't enough of a deal, the car handles like an automatic plane that allows the pilot to kick back while the journey unfolds.

The only drawback to this supercar is its less than average traction, which takes a toll on the overall performance of the vehicle.

The Cyclone costs $1,890,000 and can be purchased from Legendary Motorsport.

#2 The Benefactor Krieger


GTA Online features a number of cars that handle exceptionally well, but none quite eclipse the popularity of Benefactor Krieger in this class.

Recording a top speed of 127.25 mph (204.79 km/h), the Benefactor Krieger is one of the fastest supercars in GTA Online and handles like a personal robot that needs no training.

As if that wasn't impressive enough, the Krieger is steady enough to climb steep hills without suffering traction loss, which gives it a phenomenal edge over other vehicles.

Moreover, the Krieger makes no distinction between road and off-road environments. Its steering capability prevents the production of unnecessary understers at high speeds.

The Benefactor Krieger can be purchased from Legendary Motorsport in GTA Online for $2,875,000.

#1 The Ocelot Pariah


The infamous Ocelot Pariah tops this list because when it comes to handling, it leaves every other GTA Online car in the dust.

With wheels that seem to be made of butter, the Ocelot Pariah speeds like a ball of lightning, and its nimble handling barely seems to require any input. Recorded at a statistical stock top speed of 110 mph/177 km/h, the car gracefully takes a spot on the pedestal, and judging by the weekly updates, would be occupying that privileged spot for quite a while.

It can be bought from Legendary Motorsport in GTA Online for $1,420,000.

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