Top 5 most iconic moments from GTA San Andreas

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GTA San Andreas is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most beloved game in the entire Grand Theft Auto series.

A lot of factors could have contributed to the monumental success of this game. Perhaps it's the addition of a diverse black lead as the protagonist. Perhaps it's the challenging missions and daunting quests GTA San Andreas is so well-known for. Or, perhaps it's the sprawling city itself.

This article takes a look at some of the most iconic moments featured in GTA San Andreas - moments that players will cherish forever.

Top 5 most iconic moments from GTA San Andreas

#5 'man, I am just big-boned, that's all'


Carl Johnson is undoubtedly the best character featured in GTA San Andreas but his innocence in "Green Goo" makes him sound supremely hilarious.

The regular cutscene featured in this mission is fairly normal but what most people don't realize is that it has an alternative where CJ is so fat, he cannot complete the mission.

And, when CJ calls someone for help, they bum him out even more by saying, "You gotta lose some of that ballast first, fat ass," to which CJ says, "Man, I'm just big-boned, that's all."

#4 My only ray of hope


While violent and funny have their own places in GTA San Andreas, the game also features quite a few "normal" and "human" scenes for the player to form a connection with on an emotional level.

One such scene is featured in "Customs Fast Track," where two siblings talk about all the heartbreaking things that they are going through and how it's all eating them alive. These two insanely "normal" people are not only super compassionate, but they also don't mind expressing their feelings. Such a normal yet emotional scene deserves its own place in the spotlight, especially in a world as dark and twisted as GTA San Andreas.

#3 'Farewell, my love'


Everyone knows Catalina is a mad woman. When she can't get what she wants, she starts screaming and throwing things around like a lunatic, and without Catalina's typical melodramas, the game isn't quite complete.

One such scene is featured in "Farewell, my love," where Catalina storms in and starts screaming at a total stranger, who was just minding his own business. What players don't realize is that this guy is not exactly a stranger.

A little digging would reveal that this beaten man is none other than Claude, who was romantically involved with Catalina in the previous games. His appearance in GTA San Andreas is a delightful surprise that players often seem to miss out on.

#2 The Emotional rollecoaster featured in 'The Green Saber'


How can anyone forget "The Green Saber" when talking about the most iconic moments featured in GTA San Andreas.

This mission features not one, but several emotional cutscenes that hit players in all the right places. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why GTA San Andreas is still the most popular game in the series. Rockstar took the fun to the next level by emotionally involving the player.

"The Green Saber" is a mission fans should play when nostalgia hits hard.

# 1 End of the line


Of course, the last scene of GTA San Andreas tops this list. The mission "End of the line," brings this iconic story to an end, once and for all.

This mission is given to Carl Johnson by his brother, the leader of Grove Street Families. The player kills Big Smoke and Frank Tenpenny - two of the most memorable villains featured in the entire game.

"End of the line" will forever be remembered by players. It did not just bring the game to an end, but it brought a cultural phenomena to an iconic conclusion.

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