5 ways to make more money in GTA Online: A beginners' guide to businesses and heists

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Making money has always been an important part of GTA Online, which is why the game features insanely lucrative businesses and money-spinning heists.

Heists are supremely enjoyable missions in GTA Online. Not only do they allow players to churn out the big bucks in a couple of hours, but they also make for one heck of a play day with friends and fellow players, given the complex and challenging nature of the game.

Moreover, heists allow players to hone their skills and get better at beating (or cheating) their way past virtual goons. The Diamond Casino Heist, for example, requires the player to be either extremely surreptitious or exceptionally aggressive.

Business, on the other hand, can either be super engaging or fairly mundane. The Cocaine Lockup, for instance, features amazing missions with interesting storylines; whereas, the Air Cargo Business is known for featuring the most hectic missions ever seen in GTA Online.

This article explains how players can make more money in GTA Online by utilizing the heists and side hustles featured in the game.

A beginners' guide to businesses and heists in GTA Online

GTA Online Heists

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GTA Online features a number of Heists but the Diamond Casino Heist and The Cayo Perico Heist are the ones that payout the most.

There are three ways in which the player can carry out the biggest heist in the history of GTA Online:

1) The Silent and Sneaky Approach

2) The Big Con Approach

3) The Aggressive Approach.

All the aforementioned strategies are pretty self-explanatory. The Aggressive approach may take a direct route but it's also the most risky. The first two strategies are safer, as they allow the player to maintain a low profile and avoid any unwanted attention.

The Cayo Perico Heist is perhaps one of the most popular heists in GTA Online, with a strong storyline and an exotic challenge. To churn out the highest possible payout from the Cayo Perico Heist, players should target the Pink Diamond or the Madrazo files, which generally pay more.

Players should also consider starting the Cayo Perico Heist in hardmode. There is a short time window between one heist and another. The key is to jump onto the next heist as soon as possible to enter hard mode, which increases payout by 10%

GTA Online business

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Financial freedom is just as important in the sprawling world of GTA Online as it is in real life, which is why businesses hold such an important place in the game.

However, not every featured business is worth investing a fortune on. Listed below are five of the most lucrative businesses GTA Online players should consider owning in the game:

  1. The Cocaine Lockup
  2. The Nightclub
  3. The Vehicle warehouse
  4. The Bunker
  5. The Retro Arcade Property

To purchase a Cocaine Lockup, the player will first need to buy a clubhouse, which doesn't cost as much as other prohibitively expensive properties in the game. The Cocaine Lockup is super profitable for a business that runs in the background.

For the Nightclub, the player will need to purchase a nightclub building which comes with an underground warehouse. The nightclub itself doesn't create profit, but it generates a bonus on top of the warehouse.

To purchase a vehicle warehouse, the player will first need to own a CEO office. A Vehicle Warehouse is essentially an underground garage that allows players to store stolen vehicles until they get sold. Unlike most warehouses, a Vehicle Warehouse cannot be raided by other players.

A retro arcade property serves as a front for planning the infamous Diamond Casino Heist and running illegal operations in the game. It also features a number of games GTA Online players can purchase and make money off of.

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