5 best ways to rank up faster as a beginner in GTA Online as of 2021

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games
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GTA Online isn't exactly the most accessible of games to newcomers as it simply has way too many things going on at once. The game has a fairly skeletal tutorial that doesn't exactly flesh out the dozen systems and activities that seem to be going on at once.

After being hit by a thousand phone calls, a dozen text bubbles, and a seemingly infinite number of markers on the map, the player can get overwhelmed. Yet, regardless of what the player chooses to do, there is no linear path of progression in GTA Online.

Players are free to do as they please and rank up gradually, or they can take the fast lane and stick to activities that will allow them to rank up faster.

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Top 5 ways to rank up faster as a beginner in GTA Online

#5 - Contact Missions


It is quite easy to get swept up by heists and other such fun modes in GTA Online and discard Contact Missions entirely. Yet, they remain one of the best ways for newer players to start minting money early on in the game.

Each mission can be replayed endlessly. And once players get the hang of things, they will be blitzing through the mission quite quickly. As these missions incentivize speed over everything, players stand a chance to make a lot of money on repeat playthroughs.

#4 - Bonus activities


Every week in GTA Online, Rockstar Games switches things up by allowing for certain activities to be worth twice and occasionally thrice their original payout. For instance, this week, GTA Online players can play the Drop Zone Adversary Mode and earn Triple RP and Cash.

Keeping an eye out for the bonus activities each week is key to ranking up in the game and ensuring that players get the best out of their time in GTA Online.

#3 - Daily Objectives


Daily Objectives, more often than not, involve participating in certain game modes or doing some activities around the map. Since the objective doesn't involve anything too difficult, this is essentially Rockstar just handing out free RP and Cash for every player in the game.

Daily Objectives appear in the Interaction Menu and can be completed quite easily for a good chunk of change and valuable RP. The Interaction Menu is one of the most useful tools available for players in GTA Online. And they will benefit a ton from checking in regularly for Daily Objectives.

The Interaction Menu also serves in a ton of other ways, and players should check out each and every one of its features.

#2 - Associate work


Players can be hired by CEO/VIPs in a GTA Online session as their Associate/Bodyguard and earn a decent amount of money. They can then help out the CEO by assisting them in CEO/VIP Work and earn $5000 per hour.

That amount gets reduced by $250 each time the CEO is killed. Thus, ensuring that they survive the ordeal is paramount to earning more money. While in the vicinity of the VIP/CEO, bodyguards will earn a 100 RP bonus per minute, whereas associates will receive 200 RP per minute.

Players can enable the "Looking for Work" option from the Interaction Menu to be open to hiring by CEOs looking for Associates/Bodyguards.

#1 - The original heists


Once players have a decent amount of scratch, one of the very first investments they should make is in a high-end apartment. This will give players access to the original heists in GTA Online, namely:

  1. The Fleeca Job
  2. Prison Break
  3. Humane Labs
  4. Series A Funding
  5. The Pacific Standard

These heists might not stack up to much when compared to the heists that came before, but repeating these will net the player a large sum of cash. Plus, getting into practice with one's crew and figuring out how exactly to work a heist is invaluable.

For comprehensive guides and walkthroughs, check out SK GTA Wiki

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