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5 most divisive missions from GTA San Andreas

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki
Sawera Dedar
Modified 05 Apr 2021
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GTA San Andreas is known for its difficult missions and action-packed quests.

From perilous heists to gut-twisting challenges, the game is nothing if not a dangerous, risky and enthralling adventure.

However, the ultimate nature of the missions featured in GTA San Andreas often boils down to what the player prefers and what they are good at. This article talks about some of the most divisive missions in GTA San Andreas. In the comment section, let us know whether you personally enjoyed grinding these missions or had a hard time getting through them.

5 most divisive missions from GTA San Andreas

#5 Robbing Uncle Sam

This mission may sound simple, but Robbing Uncle Sam is no easy feat. That's saying something, considering how the game turns every criminal prodigy into a renowned kingpin.

This mission entails loading up the featured warehouse with stolen crates while trying to dodge the enemy. As if players didn't have enough on their plate, they also have to protect Ryder from getting shot, who happens to be the dumbest person on the planet.


Some people believe Robbing Uncle Sam is a walk in the park while others think it's one of the most challenging missions in GTA San Andreas. We believe it depends on the player's skills and preferences.

#4 OG Loc

OG Loc is unanimously agreed upon as the most subjective mission in GTA San Andreas. Some players think it's relatively easy while others find it to be quite the elbow-greaser.

In OG Loc, players are tasked with helping an old friend who just got out of prison. As fate (or Jeffrey) would have it, the young criminal doesn't seem very keen on cherishing his freedom. Right after being released from prison, Jeffrey plans a crime as grave as murder.

The mission objective is to chase Jeffrey through the narrow streets of the city on a motorbike while trying not to get shot, making for one of the most interesting quests of GTA San Andreas.

#3 Freefall


Flying is fun or at least it's supposed to be. GTA San Andreas often turns this recreational activity into a deadly challenge.

In Freefall, players have to chase after a lightning-fast plane with one of the slowest vehicles featured in GTA San Andreas.

#2 Wrong side of the track

Getting through the wrong side of the track is generally considered hard in GTA San Andreas, but its level of difficulty depends on the skills of the player.

Grinding the quest might have been a lot easier if the player didn't have to complete it with the worst partner in crime ever. Poppa is not only clumsy and simple-minded, he's also extremely impulsive and can't seem to stop firing, even when the coast is clear.

#1 End of the Line

End of the line brings GTA San Andreas to an iconic end. Perhaps that's why some people find it extremely hard to get through while others nail it on the first try.

It features all the typical Grand Theft Auto tasks for the player to grind โ€” killing the bad guys, driving SWAT tanks, wrecking havoc and causing chaos.

The real challenge is to save Swe under time sensitive conditions.

Published 05 Apr 2021, 19:04 IST
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