5 best types of players in a GTA Online session in 2021

Image via Screen Rant
Image via Screen Rant

Just as there are annoying players in GTA Online, there are also cool players to see in a GTA Online session.

GTA Online is a game full of many types of players. Some are good, some bad, and some are just outright neutral. Regardless of one's take on a specific playstyle, there's always something for somebody in GTA Online. This article will specifically cover the good types of players that make playing GTA Online fun, as everybody could use more players like these ones.

There are even subsets of these various archetypes. However, for the sake of clarity and to not go too much into detail about every type of player, this article will focus more on generalizations rather than specific moments. Most GTA Online players would have bumped into these kinds of players at some point in their gaming careers.

Five of the best types of players in a GTA Online session in 2021

#5 - The group of strangers doing random, dumb stuff

Image via Kotaku Australia
Image via Kotaku Australia

Sometimes, GTA Online can feel monotonous with all of the grinding to buy something relevant. That's why some players just mess around, doing inefficient tasks for the sake of doing something new. What really makes these activities more fun is when a player finds random strangers to do something dumb.

Every now and then, a player can vibe with another doing something meaningless. It can last up to 10 minutes or a lot longer, so the length of time doesn't matter. It's a jovial experience when a group of players do something fun. Sometimes, these players are added as friends, but there's nothing wrong with logging off to never see them again either.

#4 - The silent person minding their own business

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

It's nice to see players minding their own business. Perhaps they're just customizing their vehicles and testing out their new rides. Sometimes they're doing a quick business run, while at other times they're chilling in their safehouse. Either way, they don't negatively affect the GTA lobby unless they're specifically provoked.

Seeing one of these players drive by another without so much as shooting a single shot is rather heartwarming. It's better to have a whole lobby of these kinds of people than toxic children, that's for sure. They might not be the type of player most think about when playing GTA Online, but they're certainly a notable part of the game.

#3 - The bad griefer


A bad griefer is an excellent player to help pad out one's K/D ratio. Even if K/D is meaningless, a lot of griefers try to maximize their K/D ratio to try and feel better about themselves. A low K/D is embarrassing, but a high one is considered impressive. That's why exploiting a bad griefer who continually fails to kill a particular player is nice.

Perhaps they kill a player one time. However, one kill is often not good enough. They will constantly try to kill the players to look more dominant, which makes them getting anti-griefed all the more frustrating. The best part about these types of players is when they finally quit after getting stomped, thus cementing their status as the beta player. The little bonus to one's K/D ratio is also nice for those who care about it in GTA Online.

#2 - The veteran helping noobs


Everybody has to start as a noob at some point in their life. Some players learn quickly on their own, but others do not. That's what makes seeing veteran players training the latter kind so uplifting. It helps expedite the process of an amateur player becoming competent, especially since some players can get easily frustrated to the point of quitting.

A prime example of this is with random players in the various heists of the game. Some players go out of their way to teach others how to do it efficiently, which in turn can also translate to other parts of the games such as how to run a business properly. They might not be a common type, but this type of player is essential for the overall GTA Online ecosystem.

#1 - The benevolent modder

Image via WildGamerSK GTA (YouTube)
Image via WildGamerSK GTA (YouTube)

Modders that ruin a player's day are horrendous and deplorable, but those that brighten their day are easily the best kind of players out there. They can instantly drop millions of dollars to save a player significant time (as well as saving real-life money if they usually buy Shark Cards).

It's hard to hate these kinds of players unless a player is blindly loyal to Rockstar and wants no cheating whatsoever in GTA Online. However, most players don't care about that and would gladly mess around with a chill modder. It could be free money, RP, ammo, or something more nonsensical like vehicles going a million miles per hour.

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