5 easy-to-miss details in GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City rewards players with a watchful eye (Image via GTA Wiki)
GTA Vice City rewards players with a watchful eye (Image via GTA Wiki)

The GTA series is packed to the brim with secrets, hidden details and Easter eggs. Thanks to the explorable nature of its open world, players often search every nook and cranny for any references they can recognize.

Vice City, which is heavily influenced by the 80s culture, has layers of subtlety that players can easily miss when playing the game for the first time.

This article takes a look at five details that players may have missed in GTA Vice City.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

5 hidden details and Easter eggs in GTA Vice City that players may have missed

#5 - Sonny Forelli has the drugs and money

During the introduction of GTA Vice City, Sonny Forelli sent Tommy Vercetti to a drug deal in the dockside. Unfortunately, it turned out to be an ambush, and Tommy barely escaped.

Sonny berated him during his second cut-scene appearance, but there is an interesting detail that players will notice right away.

Sonny already has the drugs and money on the table, which were not present during his first appearance. Some GTA fans speculated that he sent Tommy straight into a death trap because he thought he was a major liability. Sonny attempted a similar hit 15 years prior, during the Harwood incident.

However, not every GTA player believes this theory. Some argue it makes no sense for Sonny to set up a failed deal, only to lose his own drugs and money. They believe that Ricardo Diaz is the sole party responsible.

#4 - Mission-based memorabilia in Ocean View Hotel

The first safehouse within GTA Vice City is the Ocean View Hotel, a beachfront residence with a great view of the waves. Since GTA players can acquire other safehouses, not to mention access to the other side of the island, it's unlikely they will stay at the hotel for long. However, there is a fun little Easter egg inside.

Every time a specific mission is completed, there will be items sent directly to the suite. Each item corresponds with the missions completed. For example, if the GTA player finishes G-Spotlight, they will receive two posters of Candy Suxx. Most players end up missing this if they never return to the Ocean View Hotel.

#3 - The airport runway is curved

During the early development stages of GTA Vice City, the original map lacked the military base found in the final game. Instead, there is a runway that moved in a straight line. With the inclusion of Fort Baxter, the runway is now curved.

However, the 80-degree curve could be problematic for regular airplanes. For starters, these airplanes require tons of space to land safely. They cannot realistically turn at the angle that the runway currently allows.

One theory suggests that Rockstar left it as is so that the introductory cut-scene could feature a landing airplane.

It makes sense from a cinematic perspective. Besides it being a cool landscape shot, it sets the tone for players who are new to the GTA experience.

#2 - Dead body in the water

A dead body of a man in his underwear, tied down by concrete shoes, is located just off the southern coastal shores of Leaf Links. It's likely a mafia-related death.

To get a glimpse of the dead body, GTA players can use a boat to reach a certain area on the water. They can then use the scope of a sniper rifle to locate the corpse.

Most GTA players end up avoiding the water unless absolutely necessary, given the lack of swimming controls in the game. All things considered, it's quite easy to miss out on this gruesome Easter egg.

#1 - Hells Angels

In the Hog Tied mission, biker gang leader Mitch Baker promises the player that he will provide security for the band Love Fist on one condition - retrieve his prized chopper from a rival gang. Once the player delivers the goods, Mitch upholds his end of the bargain.

This is a reference to the real-life incident that took place with the Rolling Stones. In 1969, they hired the notorious Hells Angels biker gang to back them up during the Altamont Free Concert. With an estimated 300,000 unruly fans, they needed all the help they could get. Most GTA players weren't even alive at the time.

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