5 fan-favourite GTA characters that should have their own contact missions in GTA Online

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Contact missions are extremely popular in GTA Online.

Not only do they allow players to rack up extra RP and cash, but they are also super fun to grind as they revolve around some of the most beloved GTA characters of all time.

Given the diversity of contact missions, players would love to see some fan-favourites make a comeback to GTA Online with their own dedicated missions.

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5 fan-favourite GTA characters that should have their own missions in GTA Online

#5 Niko Bellic

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Grand Theft Auto is known for its diverse assortment of characters, each more psychotic than the other, but none is quite as unique as Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto 4.

Unlike the usual archetypes favored by fans in GTA Online, Niko Bellic is not a total psychopath. He is just a victim of his unfortunate circumstances, and while that doesn't justify his taking over the underworld, it at least explains where he is coming from. The American dream, after all, is nothing but a fantasy for the likes of him.

While some players argue that Niko's obsession with changing things and making peace made GTA 4 rather boring, no one would mind having him back in the game with an entire mission (or a series of missions) to himself.

#4 Tommy Vercetti

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Not only is Tommy Vercetti from GTA Vice City a crazy individual, but he is also incredibly smart, perhaps the smartest criminal in the entire series. His appearance in GTA Online would bring back a number of memorable moments and set the community buzzing with anticipation.

#3 Claude

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Claude from GTA 3 didn't have much of a personality as he was a silent protagonist who merely reacted to the crazy world around him. But that only worked in his favor in the long run. Since he didn't come with a rule book, players could either create their own or inject traits of their own personality into him. Not only did that make the game more interesting, more natural, but it also allowed players to be creative and decide how they wanted the character to react.

That being said, Claude, with a voice actor, would set GTA Online on fire. He may or may not be well received, but there will be a good deal of buzz nevertheless and GTA Online has always been about that.

#2 Big Smoke

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Sure, Big Smoke was a back-stabbing jackass, but no one can deny that he made GTA San Andreas absolutely unforgettable. A series of contact missions dedicated to him and his quirky ways will definitely be welcomed by GTA Online fans.

#1 Carl Johnson

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This list would, of course, be incomplete without the mention of Carl Johnson, one of the most beloved Grand Theft Auto characters of all time. While CJ was a madman at heart, he was also incredibly empathetic and extremely loyal to his friends and associates. Rockstar should definitely consider releasing a bunch of contact missions dedicated to CJ on GTA Online.

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