5 fastest cars in GTA 4 and its DLCs

GTA: The Fast and The Furious (Image via GTA4.NET, taken from Rockstar Games)
GTA: The Fast and The Furious (Image via GTA4.NET, taken from Rockstar Games)

One of the most important GTA experiences for players is fast driving, especially during high speed chases involving the police. Thankfully, GTA 4 does not disappoint in this regard.

Driving in GTA 4 may not be for everyone, but it's still fun going over a hundred miles per hour on a freeway. While the driving physics in GTA 4 takes a more realistic approach than the previous games in the series, players can still find vehicles with amazing top speeds.

In-game files suggest how fast each car is supposed to be, according to Rockstar.

5 fastest cars from GTA 4 and its expansion packs

#5 - Police Stinger

Police Stinger (Image via GTA Wiki)
Police Stinger (Image via GTA Wiki)

In the GTA world, law enforcement needs all the fastest vehicles they can get. One of them is the Police Stinger, a high-performance vehicle with a patriotic paint finish. The top speed is 99 mph.

Note that it shares the same top speed as sports cars like the Comet, Coquette, and Infernus. However, it's slightly more responsive with its all-wheel driving capabilities. The Police Stinger can also reach top speed quickly even with punctured tires and a little bit of damage.

#4 - Super Diamond / Super Drop Diamond

Super Drop Diamond (Image via GTA Wiki)
Super Drop Diamond (Image via GTA Wiki)

The Super Diamond and its high-class variant will make players look stylish on any street they race. These luxury sports cars can go up to 99 mph, which gives them a huge advantage. Like several high-speed vehicles in GTA 4, these were introduced in Ballad of Gay Tony.

It's a powerful car that can easily bully other competitors during a race. It sacrifices some of its handling for a bigger weight class, but it can take more hits than the average sedan. Players should consider smashing nearby cars if they want to get ahead during a race.

The Super Diamond is one of the fanciest cars in the entire game. It's truly a sight to behold for GTA 4 players who value luxury.

#3 - Bullet GT

Bullet GT (Image via
Bullet GT (Image via

While not in the main game, GTA 4 players can own a Bullet GT in Ballad of Gay Tony. The top speed of this vehicle peaks at 101 mph, so get used to the blur effect when going down the highway. Luis Lopez will definitely look classy when he puts the Bullet GT in his parking spot.

While careful driving in the rain seems obvious to GTA players, it's especially true for the Bullet GT. Due to the rear wheel drive, it's easy for players to oversteer and hit something. Otherwise, the Bullet GT is quite well-balanced for a sports car.

#2 - Banshee

Banshee (Image via GTA Wiki)
Banshee (Image via GTA Wiki)

GTA players don't have to be familiar with names to recognize the iconic stripe on the Banshee sports car. Being the second fastest vehicle in GTA 4, it boasts an impressive top speed of 108 mph. No wonder car fanatic Brucie Kibbutz owns one of these bad boys. This exotic vehicle is a great asset in any street race.

Banshees use a high-powered engine and power distribution to make sharp turns. However, it lacks stability and can easily lose traction if GTA 4 players aren't careful in their movements. With good brakes, players can skillfully make tight corners during a street race.

#1 - Turismo

Turismo (Image via GTA Wiki)
Turismo (Image via GTA Wiki)

Based on the real-life Ferrari 360, this sports car is one of the best vehicles in GTA 4. With excellent weight distribution and braking power, players can handle the Turismo with minimal effort. Despite the difficulties of driving in GTA 4, this is one of the easiest vehicles to manage.

The top speed of the Turismo is 112 mph, the fastest in the entire game. It just barely outclasses the Banshee. The Turismo is great for getaways, especially during high-stress police chases. Once players master the driving controls, they can easily make their escape in any given situation.

However, GTA 4 players should be mindful of the durability of the Turismo. It cannot take much enemy gunfire, especially if one of the tires gets shot. At the very least, the shape of the vehicle shields the player from head-on collisions.

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