5 fastest muscle cars in GTA Online as of May 2021

Muscle cars are the epitome of raw speed and acceleration(Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
Muscle cars are the epitome of raw speed and acceleration (Image via GTA Wiki Fandom)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 05 May 2021

Regardless of how many flashy European imports with excellent performances there are in GTA Online, a large section of the fanbase always flocks to American muscle. There is something both elegant and rugged about the raw power and blistering acceleration of a beastly American muscle car. Never mind the handling.

Muscle cars are the epitome of a singular pursuit in GTA Online: raw speed and acceleration, and nothing else matters. Players aren't necessarily looking for the most nimble car around when they go shopping for muscle cars. Chances are, they would be looking to cop themselves an unruly beast of a machine.

If players are in the market for a powerful muscle car with high top speed, they need not look any further than the cars on this list.

Five fastest muscle cars in GTA Online as of May 2021

#5 - Sabre Turbo Custom

Top Speed: 121.25 mph (195.13 km/h)

Easily one of the GTA fanbase's most beloved cars, the Sabre Turbo Custom has been around for decades, and it is quite easy to see why. It is one heck of a car, and it is hard to catch this vehicle once it finds its groove on a straight. But players shouldn't expect it to make sharp turns at high speeds.

The car has a rather loose rear and will give out at the slightest possible angle, leading it into a massive spin. However, if raw speed is the end game, then the Sabre Turbo Custom should be just about perfect for GTA Online players.

#4 - Hustler

Top Speed: 121.25 mph (195.13 km/h)

Who said hot rods have gone out of fashion? The Hustler is solely responsible for the hot-rod popularity in GTA Online and the only reason why players still drive these around.

Other than the fact that it makes a massive ruckus upon arrival, the Hustler can also provide extremely beastly performances. Its enormous engine block is not just for show as it can very much produce a lot of power, propelling the car forward in a blaze of glory.

#3 - Gauntlet Hellfire

Top Speed: 125.25 mph (201.57 km/h)

The Gauntlet Hellfire is not only one of the best-looking muscle cars in its class in GTA Online, but it is also a marvel of automobile engineering. A mean-sounding engine does not always equate to outstanding performance, but the Gauntlet Hellfire certainly lives up to its billing.

The car is no joke when it comes to raw speed and can tear down highways quicker than most other vehicles in its class. The Hellfire is a good balance between high speed and reasonable handling.

#2 - Gauntlet Classic Custom

Top Speed: 125.50 mph (201.97 km/h)

The Gauntlet Classic is a custom variant that players can upgrade to in Benny's Original Motor Works and is easily one of the best vehicles at thi9s shop. While not every Benny's custom variant gets a performance boost, the Gauntlet Classic Custom is the rare case of this happening.

GTA Online's muscle cars don't get much better looking than this, and when they come with a performance package like this, it is certainly a big treat.

#1 - Pisswasser Dominator

Top Speed: 126.50 mph (203.58 km/h)

It's almost a joke at this point just how powerful the Pisswasser Dominator is, simply because it adorns a special livery. The livery isn't the only thing special about the car, as it seems to benefit a ton in the performance department.

GTA Online muscle cars are always a sight to behold on straights, and they don't get much better than the Pisswasser Dominator. While certainly not the best cars for tight circuits, it should do just fine in sprint races and such in GTA Online.

Source: GTAbase/Broughy

Note: Arena vehicles not included

Published 05 May 2021
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