5 great cars in GTA Online that are priced extremely low

Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 03 May 2021
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GTA Online might be a game all about wanton violence and extreme excesses, but it doesn't always have to be that way. Should the player want to be a little more frugal with their money and live a minimal lifestyle, buying only the essentials, they can choose to do so.

Players will soon discover that "expensive" doesn't always translate to "good" as there are plenty of vehicles in GTA Online that are cheap as well as great. These vehicles will ensure that the player isn't spending unnecessarily while also delivering in terms of performance and utility.

Since cars are usually always the go-to vehicle for players in GTA Online, this list will take a look at some of the best cars in the game that are priced way lower than they should have been.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

Top 5 cars in GTA Online that are priced extremely low

#5 - Dewbauchee Massacro

Price: $275,000

Simply based on looks, the Massacro is one of the easiest purchases one can make in GTA Online. Not just a looker, the car delivers when it comes to speed and handling in equal measure.

While certainly not the fastest car on track, the Massacro is still a decent purchase for players looking to cop themselves with a good-looking sports car.

#4 - Pegassi Vacca

Price: $240,000

The Pegassi Vacca is a rare case of a good-looking supercar being priced as much as a decent sedan in GTA Online. The Vacca obviously takes cues from the design language from Lamborghini and certainly crafts a car that can live up to its inspirations.

The Pegassi Vacca has decent performance under the hood with decent acceleration and top speed paired with nimble handling.

#3 - Benefactor Feltzer

Price: $145,000

The Benefactor Feltzer is the perfect marriage of class, elegance, and pure beastly performance. Looks can be deceiving, and nothing exemplifies it more than the Benefactor Feltzer in GTA Online.

The car might have the appearance of a classy sedan, but underneath the hood, the Feltzer packs quite the sports car-like punch. It can tear through the circuit, even managing to hold up well against much more expensive cars.

While not the best car on track, the Benefactor Feltzer is a decent purchase, purely based on its looks.

#2 - Pisswasser Dominator

Price: $315,000

It is truly a surprise that one of the fastest muscle cars in the game would be priced as low as 315k. While certainly not cheap by any standards, 300k is an absolute steal for a car as quick as the Pisswasser Dominator in GTA Online.

While the standard Dominator is quick, too, the Pisswasser Livery somehow seems to grant it the power of great acceleration as well.

#1 - Schafter V12 Armored

Price: $325,000

For just north of 300k, players can cop themselves with an absolute beast in the form of the Schafter V12 Armored. While the standard non-armored version is pretty great as well, the extra protection makes this an absolute wrecking machine in GTA Online.

The performance of the vehicle is also up to standard, which is surprising considering all the weight it seems to be carrying. A perfect blend of style, performance, and utility, the Schafter V12 Armored is one of the best vehicles in GTA Online.

Published 03 May 2021
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