5 most forgettable characters in GTA San Andreas

Not every character in GTA San Andreas left an impression on fans (Image via GTA Series Guides)
Not every character in GTA San Andreas left an impression on fans (Image via GTA Series Guides)
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GTA San Andreas offers a colorful variety of characters, ranging from aging hippies and government agents to blind street racers and hookers with hearts of gold. However, not every character leaves an impression.

Some underdeveloped characters in the game barely get enough screentime to justify their presence. Meanwhile, others serve a purpose for their storyline roles but are not fleshed out as characters.

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5 bland characters in GTA San Andreas

#5 - Jimmy Silverman


Jimmy Silverman only makes a single appearance in GTA San Andreas. He shows up at the end of Cut Throat Business when CJ and Madd Dogg finally confronts OG Loc.

As the manager and producer of Blastin' Fool Records, Silverman is a powerful man in the music industry. He once produced hit after hit for Madd Dogg before switching his focus to OG Loc.

Silverman eventually finds out that OG Loc is a fraud and threatens to sue him. After he presumably dropped the disgraced artist from his label, Silverman is never seen again. It's unknown if he followed through with the legal action.

#4 - Ran Fa Li


A high-ranking member of the Triads, Ran Fa Li is an important figure within the criminal organization. He only communicates through a series of grunts. GTA players like to joke that Ran Fa Li would make a great conversationalist with Claude from GTA 3.

Ran Fa Li doesn't have much importance beyond a few mission cut-scenes. He is completely outclassed by the more charismatic Woozie in terms of personality.

#3 - Andre


During the mission, Gray Imports, the GTA player has to take down a Russian gun runner known as Andre.

Tenpenny informs the player that the Ballas and Russians are dealing in weapons, so CJ has to interrupt the meeting. CJ ends up going through an entire warehouse of armed thugs before he finally chases Andre down in a car.

Andre doesn't have many lines beyond his expression of regret in doing business within San Andreas. GTA players certainly won't disagree with him there; it's a costly decision that ends his life.

#2 - Big Poppa


While Grove Street families have several named characters in prominent roles, other rival gangs are not as lucky.

Big Poppa is a Vagos drug dealer who took over Madd Dogg's crib after his downfall. During the final act of San Andreas, GTA players must retake the mansion.

Big Poppa has no characterization beyond his role as a random thug. He doesn't have a unique character model either; he uses the standard Vagos model.

It's rather unfortunate how underdeveloped the Vagos gangs are in San Andreas.

#1 - Little Weasel and Kane


Like Big Poppa, these Ballas gang leaders aren't particularly memorable. Little Weasel and Kane use default models from Ballas foot soldiers, which makes them stand out even less. GTA players have to kill them in order to reduce the power of the rival gang.

Fans can argue that more could've been done with these characters. Little Weasel used to represent Grove Street before he turned in the green colors for purple. There could've been an interesting relationship dynamic between him and the likes of CJ and Sweet. Unfortunately, both Little Weasel and Kane lack the screentime necessary to make anybody care about them.

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