Top 5 fun glitches in GTA San Andreas

GTA games have had their fair share of bugs (Image via polygon)
GTA games have had their fair share of bugs (Image via polygon)
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Exploiting glitches in GTA San Andreas can be surprisingly fun for players.

There are many types of glitches in the game. While it isn't a prime example of spaghetti code, its popularity has allowed millions to play it. With such a large sample size, players have discovered hundreds of glitches within GTA San Andreas.

Some glitches are minor; others purely graphical. Likewise, some are frustrating, and others are fun to exploit. The latter point is especially noteworthy, as this list focuses on some of the most fun glitches to abuse in GTA San Andreas. A few work in multiple versions of the game, although they might work best on the PS2 version.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the writer's opinions.

5 most enjoyable GTA San Andreas glitches

#5 - Headless CJ

Image via TheJizzy (YouTube)
Image via TheJizzy (YouTube)

In the PS2 versions of GTA San Andreas lies a multiplayer minigame where CJ and some random pedestrian (controlled by player 2) can do whatever they want. Multiplayer is essential for performing this glitch, as CJ does not usually fight NPCs with katanas.

To do this glitch, all players have to do is have player 2 kill CJ with the katana. However, it can't just be a kill akin to regular melee weapons. CJ specifically has to have his head cut off by the katana's ability to instakill people.

Once CJ respawns, he will remain headless. Should players wish to stop this glitch, all they have to do is to reload the game.

#4 - Blue Hell/Hidden Interiors Universe

Image via GTA Myths Wiki
Image via GTA Myths Wiki

Although Blue Hell and the Hidden Interiors Universe are two separate glitches altogether, but they will be placed together due to their similarities.

Blue Hell refers explicitly to the large empty space that takes place underneath GTA San Andreas. Given that the player can have access to a jetpack in this game, it's often easy to exploit so the player can explore the hidden depths of GTA San Andreas.

Hidden Interiors Universe is where all of the "hidden" interior locations are. These locations are usually used for cutscenes, but in some sites, gamers can perform other activities (gym, bar, etc.).

The most popular spot to abuse this glitch is the Ganton Gym, as it's easy to perform and gives the player a lot of leeway of what they can see.

#3 - Walking Underwater

Image via Stilefty (YouTube)
Image via Stilefty (YouTube)

Technically speaking, there is a bundle of glitches that are collectively known as the walking underwater glitch. There are several ways to execute this glitch, primarily based on GTA San Andreas's wonky geometry. Some places like Red County are ideal, as there is a spot with a starfish, which acts as an excellent visual indicator.

This glitch is primarily something to be used for mindless fun, although there are some other applications that crafty players might use it for. An example would involve doing the glitch with the mod, "DYOM," so the player can create missions underwater in GTA San Andreas.

#2 - Territory Glitch

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Territories are an instrumental part of GTA San Andreas. Ordinarily, they only exist in Los Santos, as CJ has to fight with the Vagos and the Ballas to gain control of territories for Grove Street. However, there is also a fun glitch to exploit involving the whole map of GTA San Andreas.

There are several ways to execute this bug. The most popular method is to take a plane and fly out to the ocean for half an hour. After a significant amount of time has passed, the player can jump out and drown.

Eventually, the whole map should resemble the photo above. There also other variations that open up other gang's territories (red would be Triads, blue would be Rifas, and orange would be Da Nang Boys).


The main appeal of this glitch is to see how many territories the player is capable of capturing. More often than not, it's best to do this glitch after "End of the Line" so the player can still beat the game.

It's also worth noting that the gamer cannot undo this glitch after saving with it activated.

#1 - Ammu-Nation Doubling Ammo

Image via Stilefty (YouTube)
Image via Stilefty (YouTube)

This glitch sounds fantastic because it simply is. Imagine entering Ammu-Nation and then into the shooting range with a gun that doubles its ammo upon entry. Some players don't want to grind or waste time collecting ammo pickups, so this glitch is a great way to stock up in GTA San Andreas.

As fun as it sounds, there are limitations to this glitch. First, players entering with a Pump Action Shotgun will lose it and its ammo. Second, it only works with certain weapons: Silenced 9mm, Desert Eagle, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Combat Shotgun, Tec-9, MP5, and the M4.

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