5 most fun GTA San Andreas missions

Top 5 most fun missions in GTA San Andreas (Source: Rockstar Games)
Top 5 most fun missions in GTA San Andreas (Source: Rockstar Games)

One of the main features that stand out in GTA San Andreas are the missions. There are many interesting missions in the game that players need to complete to get to the end of the storyline.

Even though there are some missions that are definitely more interesting than others, some are quite difficult to complete. That being said, here is a list of the 5 most fun GTA San Andreas missions.

Five of the most fun missions in GTA San Andreas

5) Supply Lines


In this mission of GTA San Andreas, CJ needs to control one of Zero's armed remote-control helicopters and take out his opponent's couriers. This mission is fun and challenging as players need to complete the task and return to Zero's roof before the fuel runs out.

The premise of the mission seems easy, but with multiple targets to take out and a limited fuel bar, players really need to manage their time and get all the assigned targets in one go.

4) Saint Marks Bistro


This GTA San Andreas mission is particularly nostalgic, as it takes CJ to Liberty city. This is Don Salvatore Leone's last mission to CJ. For this mission, CJ needs to go to the airport in Las Venturas and take the jet to Liberty City. Upon reaching the destination, he needs to kill Forelli and his bodyguards. Once that is done, the players need to fly back to Las Venturas airport.

The mission is a journey back in time to the GTA 3 era where players can enjoy the esthetics of the previous game. If players wish to stick around, they can explore Liberty city further by trying out this particular method.

3) Black Project


The Black Project is a GTA San Andreas mission given to CJ by The Truth from Verdant Meadows. This special mission can be triggered between 8.00 pm and 6.00 am in the game. In this mission, Truth wants CJ to infiltrate the Area 69 research lab and bring back the Black Project that's being developed inside.

Players can take two approaches while doing this mission. The more effective one being the stealth approach, where players hide around the towers and take enemies out with a sniper. CJ needs to make his way into the facility, steal the Jetpack and return it to The Truth.

What makes this mission amazing is that the Jetpack gets unlocked. Taking on all the military at Area 69 isn't something CJ often gets to do in the story, which makes this GTA San Andreas mission extremely fun to complete.

2) Just Business


This mission starts when Big Smoke asks CJ if he wants to go for a drive. While on the drive, he tells CJ that he has some business to take care of with the Russians. Upon reaching the destination, Big Smoke gets attacked by the Russian mafia instantly.

CJ must protect Big Smoke at the mall where they were and even when he gets on the bike. The mission ends when they reach the destination where CJ and Smoke split up. Although players need to shoot enemies while BIg Smoke is riding the bike, it is the opposite of the mission Wrong Side of the Tracks. Essentially, it's fun; not as frustrating as many of the missions in GTA San Andreas.

1) End of the Line


The final mission of GTA San Andreas is where CJ gets his revenge on everyone who went against him. In this mission, CJ gets needs to get into a tank to break into the Ballas building. After eliminating the enemies and reaching the top of the building, CJ needs to take out Big Smoke.

Post the big fight, Tenpenny appears and tells CJ that he's leaving San Andreas before setting the building on fire. After escaping from the building, Tenpenny starts to flee in a firetruck with Sweet hanging from the ladder behind it. CJ needs to follow the firetruck while dealing with enemies on the way. At the end, Tenpenny falls off a bridge, and the Grove Street Families lets him die.

The final mission of GTA San Andreas is extremely rich with action. Especially regarding how it brings the over-all story to an end, it also offers players a massive sense of achievement at beating the game.

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