5 funniest GTA San Andreas characters

Two of the funniest GTA San Andreas characters (Image via Pinterest)
Two of the funniest GTA San Andreas characters (Image via Pinterest)
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GTA San Andreas isn't centered around comedy, but it still manages to pull it off quite well in various storyline scenes. An entertaining character is one thing, but these personalities stand above the rest for their sense of humor.

Still, there are plenty of GTA San Andreas characters to choose from for a list like this. Good writing goes a long way in making something entertaining, and Rockstar Games knocked it out of the ballpark with these GTA San Andreas characters.

The five funniest characters in GTA San Andreas

5) Officer Tenpenny


Officer Tenpenny is an amusing character who knows how to irritate CJ, who often works wonderfully with Officer Pulaski in some entertaining moments of GTA San Andreas.

Unlike other humorous GTA San Andreas characters, Officer Tenpenny is a very serious character who only makes an occasional joke here and there. That said, his jokes are great, especially since they can seem very hypocritical at times.

4) Ryder


In many ways, Ryder is like a dumb friend who can be a joy to be around at times. His stupidity can be fun to laugh at, especially since other GTA San Andreas characters are more than happy to point that out.

His banter with CJ is also great to hear at the beginning of the game, which makes his eventual betrayal all the more unfortunate.

3) Mike Toreno


Most players will remember Mike Toreno for his funny phone calls to CJ as the latter delays flight school. His motivational speeches to Carl are pretty entertaining, especially since the whole situation can seem a bit absurd given the context of CJ's assignment.

Other than those legendary phone calls, Mike Toreno occasionally makes a funny offhanded comment about the US government's policies without seeming like a forced parody. Good satire goes a long way in making a character great, and Mike Toreno excels in that regard.

2) Big Smoke


Big Smoke is one of the few GTA characters to ascend into meme culture. Unsurprisingly, he is a very entertaining guy who serves as the comic relief and sometimes incorporates his fatness as part of the joke.

His iconic quotes and memorable character makes his appearances in GTA San Andreas all the more amusing. Plus, some of the unintentional stuff like β€œAll we had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ!” will live on in infamy.

1) CJ

CJ, the protagonist in the game  (Image via Gamewave)
CJ, the protagonist in the game (Image via Gamewave)

While Big Smoke is funnier than CJ when he appears, the latter is the main protagonist, so players are bound to hear more of his humorous voice lines by comparison. Even the absurd voice lines like "I hate gravity" are great to hear from time to time.

Of course, CJ is a bit snarky at times, which allows him to play off the other GTA San Andreas characters quite nicely. It also helps that CJ never falls into the painfully unfunny category like some other funny characters could be subject to.

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