5 great vehicles outclassed by others in GTA Online

GTA vehicles are more than just a means to get around (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA vehicles are more than just a means to get around (Image via Rockstar Games)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 29 Mar 2021

One of the biggest issues with introducing newer, better items in games like GTA Online is that older ones tend to get sidelined. In an ideal situation, the devs continue to balance the title by nerfing/buffing certain items to maintain a sense of an equal playing field.

Yet, it is sometimes unavoidable, as eventually, fan-favorite vehicles and weapons get outclassed as a result. In GTA Online, vehicles are more than just a means to get around as they serve as essential tools to complete missions and help out in almost every major operation.

Thus, player's vehicles are an essential part of the GTA Online experience and an important part of their loadout.

Five great vehicles surpassed by others in GTA Online

#5 - Oppressor Mk I - Oppressor Mk II

Sadly, the Oppressor Mk I had only a few moments in the sun before its successor came along and changed everything in GTA Online. Perhaps no other vehicle in the game has had as much an impact as the Oppressor MKII.

With its flight capabilities, powerful weaponry, and a proclivity for violence, the Oppressor Mk II might be the most overpowered vehicle in the game. The "bike" is used as both an offensive powerhouse and a valuable tool for completing missions.

The Oppressor Mk I, still a decent vehicle, was hopelessly outgunned by its newer variant and relegated to the sidelines.

#4 - Stromberg - Toreador

For the longest time, the Stromberg was hailed as the amphibious king of GTA Online, reigning over land and sea. Then, with the Cayo Perico Heist update came the Pegassi Toreador, and the car went straight for the throne.

The Toreador comes with a powerful rocket-boost, underwater capabilities, machine guns, and unlimited missiles. The latter essentially turn it into the most versatile offensive powerhouse in GTA Online.

The car is just as dangerous underwater as it is on the surface, which is precisely what gives it the edge over the Stromberg.

#3 - Chernobog - Terrorbyte

The Chernobog looks like a remnant of the Cold War and is as menacing as it can get, yet it doesn't do the trick anymore. The missile tracking may allow it to destroy vehicles halfway across the map, but its lack of decent armor makes it a significant liability in GTA Online.

The Terrorbyte, or even the MOC, presents an excellent alternative for those looking to get powerful vehicles with solid armor. Not only are they amazing defensively, the Terrorbyte and the MOC both have weapons capabilities as well.

Plus, the former comes with its own set of missions โ€” Client Jobs โ€” which can serve as a great revenue stream for GTA Online players.

#2 - Pariah - GTO

Everyone loves a fast car. But seeing how GTA Online players can get massively competitive, simply a fast car won't do. They need to have the quickest car around in-game.

That topic can be debated endlessly as players' skills affect their lap times as much as the vehicle. Each vehicle has its quirks, which takes some getting-used-to, and every ride will respond differently to each player.

But for the longest time, the Pariah was the king of fast cars in GTA Online before getting unseated by the Itali GTO. The latter presents a fantastic alternative for those looking to get around a corner much faster than the Pariah.

Due to its nimble handling, the Itali GTO might have replaced the Pariah as the fastest on-circuit car in the game.

1) Buzzard - Sparrow

The Sparrow is a relatively new addition to GTA Online and is one heck of a machine. It is as fast as it is deadly but lacks severely in terms of decent armor, as the slightest touch can send it crashing to the ground.

The Buzzard might still be the dominant force in the sky, but the Sparrow gives it a run for its money. The latter is much faster and has just as much firepower, making it one of the game's deadliest vehicles.

It might be a while before players switch over completely, but the Sparrow is a decent enough alternative to the Buzzard in terms of performance.

Note: This article reflects the writer's views.

Published 29 Mar 2021
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