5 improvements players want to see in the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition

Here is a fog distance fix, courtesy of a modder (Image via TJGM and Rockstar Games, respectively)
Here is a fog distance fix, courtesy of a modder (Image via TJGM and Rockstar Games, respectively)

Based on its current state, GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition still needs more patch fixes.

There is still a long way to go for these remastered games. Fan reception has not been too kind to Rockstar, especially with the disastrous launch. The company did apologize to fans by offering a free bundle of the original classics. Better yet, they promised to improve the game in upcoming patches.

Rockstar did release their first patch for the GTA Trilogy. There have been slight improvements here and there, but more needs to be done. Players have been asking for these changes across social media platforms. Here are the most basic improvements they want to see in the GTA Trilogy.

Five improvements that players ask for in the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition

5) Fixes to the invisible bridge in Flint County

Idk what rockstar is saying, but the invisible bridge is still here #GTATrilogy

This only applies to the a specific game in the trilogy, namely GTA San Andreas. Flint County still has a ghost bridge that has yet to be fixed. Rockstar did reference this graphical bug in their most recent patch. Nonetheless, the problem still lingers around in the countryside.

4) Consistently higher frame rate

Biggest problem with the GTA Trilogy Definitive edition is the frame rate. I have everything maxed out on Ultra at 1440p & my gpu is running 40 degrees lol it's not even breakin a sweat. I'm fully confident the frame rate will be fixed after a few patches.

For some reason, the GTA Trilogy is having trouble running 60 FPS. Some players have reported that it can run as low as 40 FPS, such as the Twitter user above. Poor frame rates can detract from overall performance.

Future patches are needed to resolve this issue since it affects graphics and gameplay. It's not enough for the frame rate to be higher. The GTA Trilogy also needs to maintain it at a consistent level.

3) Spelling corrections

@GroveStGames have clearly used AI upscaling to do the signs in #GTATrilogy because they are full of spelling mistakesJust a reminder that #GTAV has made more money than ANY OTHER MEDIA PRODUCT OF ALL TIME and just in 2020 made @RockstarGames $1BThis. Is. Not. Good. Enough

Due to AI upscaling, the GTA Trilogy is littered with numerous typos. For example, the original Vice City had a hot dog company advertise the following:

"The taste of a real man's meat"

Of course, the joke is lost in the remastered versions. The GTA Trilogy incorrectly upscaled this message to the following:

"The taste of a real man's heat"

There were several of these mistakes throughout the remastered games. Future patches must address these issues. Otherwise, it makes it seem like the developers didn't care enough. Typos like "Guitarhenk" and "AR Guitars" are the result of faulty AI upscaling.

2) More fog in the distance

The draw distance is rather controversial in the GTA Trilogy. Due to a lack of fog, San Andreas players can see the entire map. It makes it look much smaller without the illusion. For example, one can stand on a Los Santos skyscraper and find both San Fierro and Las Venturas.

All some players really want is to reintroduce the fog distance. It creates a more immersive experience by making the map feel larger.

1) Better character models

Despite the upgraded graphics, many character models seem off-putting. Sometimes it's due to a drastic change in appearance, such as Denise and Old Reece. They look absolutely nothing like their original counterparts.

Meanwhile, some character animations are completely wrong. The above Tweet shows Ryder with a very awkward posture. While these character models have great meme potential, that's not what the GTA Trilogy should be about.

These games have the words "Definitive Edition" in their titles. As a result, these character models should not look the way they do. The original versions were far superior to the ones in the newer games.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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