5 iconic gang locations in the GTA series

Grove Street Families are here to stay in the GTA series (Image via
Grove Street Families are here to stay in the GTA series (Image via

The GTA series is a power struggle from beginning to the end. Gang territories are often divided by the blood of fallen enemies. Anytime lines are crossed, it's a fight for survival. Naturally, the strongest gangs will take control over a large portion of the map. From Grove Street to Glen Park, it's all up for grabs.

There are several gang locations that GTA players will instantly recognize. From run-down clubhouses to crack-riddled streets, these areas are bad to the bone. Whether it's friends or foes, these gang territories mean trouble. GTA players fondly remember them as a result.

Every gang in the GTA series has a base of operations; these iconic locations serve as their main stronghold.

Five gang locations GTA players still remember

5) Grove Street (Grove Street Families)

Ganton, Los Santos (Image via GTA Wiki)
Ganton, Los Santos (Image via GTA Wiki)

Grove Street Families (GSF) proudly wave their green flags here in Ganton. One of the most iconic locations in GTA history, Grove Street is one of the few places that players call home. The Johnson family is situated here.

GTA San Andreas players can probably hear the main theme as they walk through the cul-de-sac. Several top-ranking GSF members live here, including CJ, Sweet, and Ryder. Unlike other GTA titles, the game begins and ends in a single location. It has a major storyline importance.

Grove Street isn't just integral to gang life. It's also very convenient for GTA players, since many points-of-interest are nearby. These include a girlfriend's house, a sports arena, a local bar, and the famous Cluckin' Bell.

4) Lost MC Clubhouse (Lost MC)

Lost MC Clubhouse in a pre-release screenshot (Image via Rockstar Games)
Lost MC Clubhouse in a pre-release screenshot (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Lost MC outlaws found their home in the industrial city of Acter. Their clubhouse takes inspiration from the real-life Hell's Angels. Lost and Damned players will spend a lot of time here. There are several biker activities here, such as arm wrestling, card games, and pool table.

A memorial wall can be found here, which commemorates the fallen bikers. After a bloody conflict with the mafia (and brutal civil war), the Lost MC put the clubhouse out of its misery. Sadly, given its deteriorating condition, it's for the best.

3) Glen Park (Ballas)

Glen Park, Los Santos (Image via GTA Wiki)
Glen Park, Los Santos (Image via GTA Wiki)

Alongside Jefferson and Idlewood, Glen Park is mainly controlled by the Ballas. GTA San Andreas players know all too well, since they are relatively hostile to the player. The moment a purple-wearing gangster approaches, the player should fight or flee. It's never a good idea to wear green here.

As its name suggests, the area is mostly known for a large park. There are multiple story missions where the player has to engage in gang warfare. Eventually, Glen Park will be under GSF control.

There is a skate park right nearby, where players can use their BMX bike to bust out new moves. On a related note, skateboards were originally intended for GTA San Andreas. Had it been included, there is no doubt Glen Park would have been a hotspot for skaters.

2) Little Haiti (Haitians)

Little Haiti, Vice City (Image via GTA Wiki)
Little Haiti, Vice City (Image via GTA Wiki)

This poverty-stricken area is under the control of Auntie Poulet, the elderly matriarch of the Haitian gang. It's one of the more run-down places in GTA Vice City. Several of the small homes are badly maintained. To make it even worse, these streets are not safe to walk around, day or night.

Due to the hostile presence of Haitians, players will be in constant bitter conflict with them. Several of their businesses are located here, such as Kaufman Cabs and the Print Works. It's not uncommon for a player's gang to engage in a shootout with the Haitians. Bring extra ammo and some armor for safety.

1) Luigi's Sex Club 7 (Leone Crime Family)

Luigi's Sex Club 7 in Liberty City (Image via GTA WikI)
Luigi's Sex Club 7 in Liberty City (Image via GTA WikI)

Liberty City is a dull and depressing location in GTA 3. What makes this mafia-controlled club stand out is the brightly-lit colors. The neon sign features bunny girls on a blue background, contrasting their gritty and grimy surroundings.

The strip/dance club appears in several of the early missions. Luigi Goterelli often tasks Claude with taking care of his women or dealing with potential rivals. Notably, the club itself cannot be entered in any capacity. The GTA series had yet to really make use of interior buildings.

GTA 3 players will likely remember this location, especially if it's their first time with the series. For many children who shouldn't even be playing the game, they were entering the realm of adulthood. Sex and violence were right in their faces; the GTA series wasn't afraid of showing off.

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