5 ways the Lost MC lost power in GTA

GTA is a highway to hell, paved with bad intentions (Image via HoleInTheSky88, DeviantArt)
GTA is a highway to hell, paved with bad intentions (Image via HoleInTheSky88, DeviantArt)

The Lost MC was once a powerful criminal empire in the GTA series, only to crumble into dust by seriously bad decisions.

Lost and Damned was a GTA 4 DLC pack from the perspective of an outlaw biker. The Lost MC underwent a power struggle that almost destroyed the entire chapter. Johnny Klebitz ensured the surviving members had something to live for.

They seemed to be in a good position by the end of the DLC episodes.

With the events of GTA 5, however, everything took a turn for the worse. After they moved from Liberty City to Los Santos, the Lost MC began to drop dead like flies. The cracks were already there since the DLC episodes, but they only got bigger over time. In the end, Johnny's efforts were in vain.

Five reasons why the Lost MC was weakened in GTA

#5 - Johnny stayed with Ashley


Johnny cares about his friends deeply, which is both a good and bad trait in the context of GTA. Unfortunately, the biggest mistake of Johnny's life was when he got back with his on-and-off girlfriend Ashley Butler.

She had a severe drug addiction she never got clean from. At the end of Lost and Damned, she gets kicked from rehab while asking Johnny for extra money.

He initially cut off communication with her, which would've been a smart move. However, he proves too loyal to her.

When he gets back with Ashley, Johnny develops the same drug addictions. The former battle-hardened warrior is reduced to a frail shell of his former self.

He barely does anything to stop Trevor Philips from sleeping with Ashley and this causes other Lost MC members to lose respect for Johnny.

#4 - They had no backup plans


Unlike most GTA protagonists, Johnny never had any non-criminal side hustles. The likes of Tommy Vercetti and Carl Johnson had respectable business ventures that weren't necessarily criminal in nature.

This included strip clubs and casino management, which had high profit margins.

Meanwhile, Johnny only had dangerous side jobs. The life of a GTA biker is a difficult one, since most of them are constantly in life threatening situations. Other GTA characters can comfortably retire in peace, while Johnny cannot.

The Lost MC certainly made a good amount of money with their criminal activities. Unfortunately for them, it also paints a bright red target on their backs.

One of Trevor's motivations for wiping them out is to steal their supplies and run the businesses himself.

#3 - Billy Grey did too much damage


After his release from prison, Billy Grey resumed his presidential role in leading the Lost MC. However, he was extremely violent and prone to causing disturbances with rival gangs.

He barely gets along with Johnny, given their different approaches to leadership. Johnny values respect while Billy wants fear.

Secretly, Billy tries to set up a death trap for the Lost MC during a drug deal. Instead, he ends up arrested while the biker gang engages in an all-out civil war. Most of the members were killed in the ongoing pursuit of power. Even Billy's death cannot prevent the lives that were lost.

Years later, Trevor would launch a devastating attack on the Lost MC and the surviving members blamed Johnny for their troubles.

As a result of the dramatic irony, Billy becomes a martyr for a lost cause.

#2 - Everyone moved to Los Santos


Once GTA players completed Lost and Damned, there was no competition left for the Lost MC. The Angels of Death would not reasonably take on Johnny Klebitz. His biker gang had total control of the city, especially with their drug and arms trafficking.

San Andreas is a completely different story. When Johnny and his crew took the flight to Baline County, they had to start from scratch. This was entirely new territory for the Alderney natives.

With great risk comes great reward in GTA. However, they were unable to replicate the success they had in Liberty City. Instead, everything fell apart due to a single resident - the unhinged Trevor Philips.

#1 - Johnny got on Trevor’s bad side


Johnny Klebitz never got the happy ending other GTA protagonists get. His relationship with Trevor was built on rocky ground, as Trevor constantly slept with Ashley.

Eventually, Johnny confronted him in a severely weakened state (due to his drug abuse). He chose the wrong time to do so.

Trevor is in a very bad mood when he finds out his former accomplice is still alive. When Johnny faces up to him, Trevor responds by breaking his skull with his boot. To avoid retaliation, Trevor ends up killing the remaining members of the Lost MC. This includes Terry and Clay, who were Johnny's best friends.

GTA can be a cruel experience for criminals. In the span of a few years, the Lost MC went from a feared organization to pathetic drug addicts with little power.

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