5 map additions GTA 6 should look to incorporate

A fan-made poster concept for GTA 6 (Image via vinayakiyer, Reddit)
A fan-made poster concept for GTA 6 (Image via vinayakiyer, Reddit)

The GTA series has always made significant innovations when it comes to creating game maps. GTA 6 needs to add several new features to its map for a better gameplay experience.

The GTA games have been set around fictional depictions of real-world cities and regions. Vice City, Liberty City and San Andreas have been depicted in stunning detail and have turned out to be very convincing.

When GTA 5 recreated San Andreas, however, it was a big letdown. Not only was the new map restricted to a single city, but its surrounding regions were completely bare. Most of the map felt like filler spaces merely meant to make the world feel large.

Yet a map without much detail, no matter how large it is, gets boring very soon. To avoid this, GTA 6, the next title in the series, should incorporate some of the following changes to its map.

Five elements the GTA 6 map should include

1) More enterable buildings


Despite seeming so obvious, this one can't be stressed enough. GTA 6 needs more buildings with interiors than its predecessor. In fact, it would be better to have a small map scattered with enterable buildings than a large one without any.

Even the most interesting buildings in a video game are mere decorations when they aren't accessible. GTA Online already has more enterable buildings than its single-player counterpart, which only adds to the demand for this feature in the next game.

2) Diverse biomes


Every single game in the 3D and HD Universes has been set in a single location, without much biodiversity. GTA San Andreas is the only exception, as the state of San Andreas has three different biomes to explore.

The warm, coastal Los Santos, the cool and hilly San Fierro, and the desert city Las Venturas offer unique experiences. When GTA 5 announced a return to San Andreas, it turned out to be Los Santos and its surrounding areas. They also added a desert, but it felt bare and uninteresting without Las Venturas.

GTA 6 should reintroduce diverse biomes in its map, which would make the map much more appealing.

3) Evolving map


According to prominent leaker Tom Henderson, this feature will be present in GTA 6. However, it is hard to guess how Rockstar will implement this in the final product. They could make the map evolve according to the timeline, starting from an earlier era to the modern-day.

They could also make it so that the players and their actions during the main events affect the map. Finally, it could be in the manner of GTA Online, with new buildings and even map expansions being added over time.

4) Secrets and easter egg locations


The GTA 5 map is the biggest one Rockstar has ever made. Yet, it doesn't feel as big as it is. This is mainly because large portions of the map act as filler spaces. The mountains and deserts contain nothing interesting, thereby forcing players to avoid them altogether.

GTA San Andreas, for example, always has something interesting in every corner of its map. Even Red Dead Redemption 2, which came out after GTA 5, has many interesting secrets and places to explore.

GTA 6 should create a unique and entertaining world, not a massive photorealistic one like in the Just Cause games. It just doesn't make sense in a GTA game.

5) More interactive locations


Another problem with the map of GTA 5 is the lack of entertaining places to visit. There aren't many activities in the game, and even the simple ones present in its immediate predecessor were missing.

GTA Online brought back many of these but could only add as much as the map would allow. This is because there are literally no activities outside Los Santos. Even if GTA 6 decides to have a single big city, more interactive venues should be added throughout the map.

One or two amusement parks, sports fields, or even zoos would be excellent additions.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of its writer.

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