Would a Fortnite-style evolving map be good for GTA 6?

GTA 6's latest batch of rumors mentions an evolving map design similar to Fortnite (Image via Michael Di Lonardo)
GTA 6's latest batch of rumors mentions an evolving map design similar to Fortnite (Image via Michael Di Lonardo)
Danyal Arabi

In what has become a quarterly phenomenon, new GTA 6 leaks have hit the market, and rumors of an evolving map have made the rounds.

Earlier this week, prominent Battlefield data-miner and leaker Tom Henderson shared some leaks and rumors regarding GTA 6. One thing that caught people's fancy was claims that GTA 6 might take a page out of Fortnite's book and feature an evolving map for its online component.

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Would a seasonal evolving map like Fortnite benefit GTA 6 Online?

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According to Henderson's sources, GTA 6's Online component will feature a map that evolves based on the events around it. The release of the new DLC will bring about map changes from expansions to modifications to existing areas.

When talking about these changes, Henderson mentions that his sources claim that GTA 6 Online may resemble Fortnite's seasonal approach as well, with an overarching narrative like the comet crashing into Fortnite serving as the base for the following season.

The move could be a welcome one for GTA 6 Online as the move ensures that the world's dynamic doesn't remain stagnant and frozen in time, instead of taking the perpetual online world to the next level.

While ludicrous moves like comets crashing into the map could be out of place, changes like the addition of the Diamond Casino equivalent or the destruction of a bank after an in-game event could open up brand new avenues of storytelling. In addition, they will give Rockstar Games the chance to add a lot more content to the game.

The biggest advantage of an evolving map is the ability to tell different stories while not sinking too much time into developing brand new landscapes entirely, freeing up Rockstar Games' team to focus on fresh content, heists, and DLC.

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