5 most memorable GTA Vice City Stories characters

Image via Fancast (Reddit)
Image via Fancast (Reddit)

GTA Vice City Stories is an underrated title within the series. Yet it's still a delightful game with excellent storylines of memorable characters.

As GTA Vice City Stories is a prequel to GTA Vice City, there's bound to be many familiar characters shared between the two titles. However, this article will focus primarily on the memorability of a name is in GTA Vice City Stories. This means that characters that barely show up in won't rank highly. Every GTA Vice City Stories character is being considered.

Of course, GTA Vice City Stories has plenty of exclusive characters that are highly memorable. The overall story is far less wacky than GTA San Andreas's, which might endear some of its characters even more to some audiences within the GTA community. Even if a player ignores GTA Vice City Stories' overall storyline, the characters of that game still hold up well.

Five of the most memorable characters in GTA Vice City Stories

#5 - Mary-Beth Williams

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Mary-Beth Williams is unquestionably the youngest character ever seen in a GTA game. She is a new-born baby. Thus it isn't very likely for another character to take her spot as the youngest character in the franchise.

Aside from that interesting quirk, she only shows up in cutscenes, so not much can be discerned about her personality.

Mary-Beth Williams shows up on four missions, although her father sadly threatens her on several occasions. Her character is largely tied to her mother, Louise Cassidy-Williams, until Louise's death. Afterwards, Mary-Jo Cassidy, Mary-Beth's aunt, takes in the baby, and they are never seen again within the GTA series.

#4 - Louise Cassidy-Williams

Image via Gaming Boys (YouTube)
Image via Gaming Boys (YouTube)

Louse Cassidy-Williams is the tritagonist of GTA Vice City Stories, and she is also the love interest of Victor Vance. Her relationship with her husband, Marty Jay Williams, is terrible, as it eventually leads to her getting kidnapped by him when she tries to leave him. Predictably, Victor kills him, allowing her to move on from that part of her life.

Unfortunately, she wouldn't enjoy much of her life given she becomes addicted to cocaine thanks to Lance. Worse than that, she is killed by Armando Mendez thanks to his relationship with the Vance Crime Family.

As far as her character goes, she is a simple country bumpkin who seems demure, thanks to her husband's abuse. Naturally, she cares about her daughter Mary-Beth and seems interested in Victor, but that plotline doesn't expand too much, thanks to her early demise.

#3 - Sgt. Jerry Martinez

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

Sgt. Jerry Martinez is similar in some ways to Officer Tenpenny. Both abuse their station of authority, mainly to have the main protagonist of their games, doing something questionable in their steed.

Likewise, Sgt. Jerry Martinez is the main antagonist in GTA Vice City Stories, like Officer Tenpenny was in GTA San Andreas. Of course, Sgt. Jerry Martinez isn't as infamous within the world of Vice City as Officer Tenpenny was in San Andreas, as the former is not a public figure.

Sgt. Jerry Martinez is a terrible person (unsurprisingly), getting Victor kicked out of the military base they're stationed in. Poor Victor is blamed for bringing in Mary (a prostitute) and for having Sgt. Jerry Martinez's drugs in his quarters. His death is definitely one of the more satisfying ones in the GTA series.

#2 - Victor Vance

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Victor Vance might have been an incredibly minor person killed off at the beginning of GTA Vice City, but he is the main protagonist of GTA Vice City Stories. Considering he isn't a silent protagonist, it would be tough for players to forget about him.

He started in the army until being led by his brother to help create the Vance Crime Family, which would later get heavily into drug trafficking. Predictably, that very same trade would be the reason for poor Vance's death.

Victor Vance is a family man, doing whatever he can to help his family. Lance often gets them into trouble, but Victor is always there to clean up after him. Even when his mother steals their drugs, Victor supports his brother Pete, who appears to be heavily ill.

Victor seems to be one of the more sane protagonists within the GTA series, so it's quite hard to forget about him once a player experiences GTA Vice City Stories.

#1 - Reni Wassulmaier

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

Reni Wassulmaier is a transgender character who often changes their gender between missions. Reni was born as a woman but would later become an avant-garde director in Germany, although it isn't specifically known when Reni would change their gender for the first time.

As far as GTA Vice City Stories go, Reni is an ally to Victor Vance and manages to survive the game's ordeals.

Considering transgender people weren't as accepted back then as they are today, plenty of players should remember the first time they met the character. Reni is outlandish at times, so it's quite difficult for players not to remember Reni's attitude throughout GTA Vice City Stories.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the writer's opinions.

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