5 missions in GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition that fans are most excited about

The GTA Trilogy (Image via
The GTA Trilogy (Image via

With the GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition just around the corner, players can hardly refrain from speculating what the remastered versions of the franchise will bring to the series.

The games the GTA Trilogy aspires to remaster happen to be some of the most raved-about, celebrated entries in the Grand Theft Auto series, so Rockstar can hardly blame fans for having high expectations from the Remastered edition, which, by definition, should be a lot more advanced in nature than the base models.

This article talks about 5 GTA Trilogy missions that fans are most excited to play with enanced gameplay.

Top 5 most anticipated GTA Trilogy missions

5) Just Business


Just Business is one of the most engaging missions featured in GTA San Andreas. It involves Big Smoke, the game's antagonist, riding a motorbike with Carl Johnson, the main lead, and holding off blood-seeking Russian mobs. The scenes in this mission seem to have taken after an incredibly dramatic action movie, with CJ and Big Smoke barely surviving a deadly explosion.

Just Business will undoubtedly be an instant fan-favorite in the GTA Trilogy.

4) Bomb Da Base


Bomb Da Base is one of the most entertaining missions featured in GTA 3 and will probably be a hit in the GTA Trilogy, considering that it boasts three incredibly action-packed acts. In this mission, players see Claude take on a number of daunting challenges and tackle them with the grace of a notorious gang lord, which he is, in essence, if not in position.

3) Keep Your Friends Close


As the last mission in GTA Vice City, Keep Your Friends Close is an exceptionally entertaining mission, involving a good deal of unbridled chaos and mandatory bloodshed. In this mission, not only do fans get to end Forelli's life – a much awaited scene – but they also learn who's been stabbing them in the back all this while. One can only imagine how irresistibly hooking the GTA Trilogy version of Keep Your Friends Close will be with all its superior effects and robust motions.

2) Death Row


As the name of the mission might imply, Death Row is one of the most action-packed, thrilling missions featured in GTA Vice City. If the GTA Trilogy is anything like its predecessors, it, too, will be big on the idea of chaos and anarchy, and that is exactly what this mission promises to deliver.

1) End of the Line


As the final mission in GTA San Andreas, End of the Line makes for one heck of an adventure. In this multi-stage mission undertaking, players blow buildings, drive SWAT tanks and kill officials. The GTA Trilogy version of this mission will be a masterpiece!

Note: The article reflects the views of the writer.

Which missions are you excited to play in GTA Trilogy? Let us know in the comments section below!

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